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16 Unreal Spots To Brunch At In Vancouver Right Now

If there is one sure thing I know to be true, it's that Vancouverites brunch very well, and how could we not?! The city is bursting at the seems with unbelievable places to do it! It seems that even though there are so many delicious spots to start the morning, the line up to get inside them are always way longer than I'd like them to be. This is clearly a product of the deliciousness that lives inside them so I'll be forgiving.

Since brunch is a weekly occurrence for most people, it's good to keep switching things up. Maybe a Mexican brunch this weekend, an organic farm to table the next, toss in a vegetarian option and you are on your way to becoming a brunch connoisseur.

To keep it easy here is a list of places worth brunching at in Vancity right now.

via @jamcafeyvr

Jam Cafe // 556 Beatty St.

It's almost shocking to see how often this place has a lineup down the street! Even during the week, people can not get enough of the brunch at Jam. The menu is huge, and everything is delicious so it's definitely worth the wait.

via @redwagoncafe

The Red Wagon // 2296 East Hastings Street

They have a huge all day breaky menu boasting an incredible Croque Monsieur (my personal favourite) that is seriously to die for.

via @belgardkitchen

Belgard Kitchen // 55 Dunlevy Ave.

The Belgard has a super cool vibe. It shares a space with a brewery and an urban winery and is tucked away in Railtown. Once you try the Belgard Meatball Brunch Skillet you will never be the same.

Chamber // 568 Beatty St.

Ok, here is what you need to do, go to Chambar for brunch, try one of their super chic brunch options like the unreal paella, then afterward get a waffle with salted caramel on the side. You will thank me I promise.

via @catch122

Catch 122 // 122 W Hastings St.

Catch 122 is a great go-to. The brunch is always amazing and the caesars are on point. What more can you really ask for?

via @medinacafe

Cafe Medina // 780 Richards St.

I mean... Do I really even need to tell you how unreal Medina is? Go stand on Richards on a Saturday or Sunday morning and the line bursting out the door will tell you itself!

Twisted Fork // 1147 Granville St.

That french toast though!! It's seriously to die for.

via @askforluigi

Ask for Luigi // 305 Alexander St.

You thought Ask for Luigi was just a dinner spot? Think again!! This is Italian brunch done very right! If you have never tried an Italian benny, you might want to make this your next stop.

L’Abattoir // 217 Carrall St.

One of the best brunches you're going to find in Vancouver, hands down. You could get me there for the hash browns alone!

via @theunionvan

The Union // 219 Union St.

I love the Union any time of the day but they do an exceptional brunch. It's a Pan-Asian menu and they do classics with a twist. Definitely a spot worth trying.

via @elcaminos

El Camino's // 3250 Main St.

Mexican brunch is possibly the best hangover cure on planet Earth and these guys do it so well. From Huevos Divorciados to a dish actually called "The Hangover" the next time you have a good night, cure it at El Camino's.

via @yolksbreakfast

Yolk's Restaurant and Commissary // 1298 East Hastings St.

Yolk's possibly has the best chicken and waffles I've ever tried... EVER. Definitely something everyone must try in this lifetime.

via @lamezcaleriayvr

La Mezcaleria //  1622 Commercial Dr.

Anytime you go to Mezcaleria, you leave very happy. They do a Mexican style brunch that is absolutely killer.

Must-try: Huevos Con Chroizo

via @heirloomveg

Heirloom Vegetarian // 1509 West 12th Ave.

You definitely don't need to be a vegetarian to fall in love with Heirloom. The menu is impeccable and the restaurant itself is absolutely stunning. The perfect place for brunch with the girls.

via @aphroditesorganiccafe

Aphrodite's Organic Cafe // 3605 West 4th Ave

This is a completely organic cafe with a brunch menu that is going to knock your socks off. What's even better is that they work directly with local organic farms to ensure that their menu has the smallest ecological footprint possible.

via @homerstcafebar

Homer Street Cafe // 898 Homer St.

They have a fried Nutella and banana monte cristo sandwich... need I say more?

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