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16 Vancouver Things We Look Forward To As Teenagers But Dread As Adults

Maybe blame it on those innocent, wandering child-like eyes you once had, but didn't everything in Vancouver look a lot cooler as a teenager? Before you were exposed to the brutal truth, there were a ton of things that looked way cooler and that you definitely looked forward too! 

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Not even that, but you completely dread them now. You know what I'm talking about. Whether it be the dating (which is its own entire other category) or anything else, some things just didn't add up to what you were expecting as a teenager in Vancouver. Let's go over those things and reminisce shall we? 

1. Going Downtown (or anywhere that requires crossing a bridge)

Expectation: Being able to go downtown any time you want for food and shopping with a "big boy/girl" feel.

Reality: "Do we have to go downtown? We could just stay in and get delivery. Parking's a pain in the ass anyways".

2. Going to university in British Columbia. 

Expectation: Thinking it will be a giant party, just like every American Pie movie you've ever seen.

Reality: Wrong. That was the United States. Or UVIC if you feel like moving out there.

3. Getting your license. 

Expectation: You just got your L (Or maybe even your N) and you can't wait to tell your friends - and drive them.

Reality: You don't understand how you failed your full test AGAIN and the $50 to take it is really starting to add up.

4. Going to concerts at the Vogue. 

Expectation: You can't wait till you're 19+ and get full access to concerts, there's no doubt they'll be unforgettable nights.

Reality: Definitely unforgettable... probably because of the copious amounts of sweat and the mosh pits. At least you got to see the Killers play before Pemberton.

5. Owning your own place on West End. 

Expectation: Thinking it'll be one big family with you and your best friends.

Reality: The startling realization that you're now stuck together - there's no way any one of you can pay for the rent on your own.

6. Dating in Vancouver outside your high school circle. 

Expectation: You can't wait to date as an adult and get out of the high school bubble. It's Vancouver, there truly have to be plenty of fish in the sea.

Reality: Not understanding why everybody from your high school just keeps looping through tinder. And you've already expanded radius to 50 KM.

7. Taking Public Transit to go anywhere. 

Expectation: As a teen it's not so bad. You've got your cell phone, your friends and even if you're miserable - you're miserable together.

Reality: It somehow sucks even more now and instead of your high school squad your 'company' has been replaced by... well nobody.

8. Living in Raincover on a daily basis. 

Expectation: At least you're in school for the entire day, but it still looks so gloomy. It'll get better when you're not trapped in classes, right?

Reality: Just kidding. You're living in Raincouver. It never changes.

9. BC Liquor Stores

Expectation: No expectation actually exists, because all you've had is Smirnoff Vodka that your best friend's older brother got you guys on a favor.

Reality: It's a literal alcoholic candy store. But you've moved on from Smirnoff Vodka to Smirnoff Ice and Hey Y'alls.

10. Bussing to University after you graduate high school. 

Expectation: It'll be fine, because you took the bus through high school right? And you're planning on studying and staying on top of things.

Reality: Definitely no studying to be done here. And how is the 99 always SO crowded, does nobody actually live near UBC?

11. Going to the Irish Heather or any bar in downtown. 

Expectation: You totally wouldn't right? That sounds like such an old-man thing to do, maybe when you're 30.

Reality: The clubs are way more than what you can handle. So call yourself thirty and get the snakebite, you're definitely ready for the bar scene.

12. Going to Fortune and Bar None. 

Expectation: You've heard the ads on the radio. And you've bought into it hook, line and sinker. The second you turn 19 you're gonna be rearing to go.

Reality: The ads didn't say anything about enough sweat to fill a bathtub. Or the creepy guys who keep trying to dance with you. You're out.

13. Spending any amount of time in Gastown. 

Expectation: You wonder if there's anything to actually do in Gastown, because between the saturation of tourist shops and the Old Spaghetti factory with your parents - you're kind of past it.

Reality: You had no idea there was so much to do in Gastown. Between Meet on Main and BaoDown, you're absolutely hooked.

14. Going to anywhere that charges cover.

Expectation: You're sure it won't be that bad. It's like paying for a ticket to get into a party on concert what's the big deal?

Reality: $12 cover at the Blarney Stone? And the drinks are still more than $6, what an absolute mess. You wish you stayed home.

15. Spending any amount of time in Metrotown, Aberdeen and Park Royal. 

Expectation: As far as high school you knows, you love hanging out at the mall. There's plenty to do and it's always fun with your friends.

Reality: Not a chance you're willing to find parking in that mess. And you've developed this uncanny fear towards human contact that you might just stay home.

16. Eating at McDonald's. 

Expectation: High School you LOVED McDonald's. What high school student didn't have the after school ritual of going for the dollar menu?

Reality: Only when you're drunk, high or a mix of both. You're trying to eat healthy and they just opened a freshii around the corner.

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