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17 Bucket List Junk Foods In Vancouver That Are Better Than Sex

So you're going through a break-up. Got dumped? Finally left your boyfriend for the 4th time? Whatever the reason, you're going to need sugar and you're going to need it NOW.

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Thankfully for you, Vancouver is filled with dessert shops that have the most mouth watering and inventive creations that will help keep your mind off your lack of love life at the mo.

So wipe off your racoon eyes and unbutton those jeans. It's time to indulge in junk foods that are arguably better than sex!

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Hugo's Churros // 7899 Templeton Station Rd

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Off the Grid Waffles // 2665 Kingsway

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On Yogurt // 96 Smithe Street

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Cartems // Multiple Locations

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Aperture Coffee Bar // 243 W Broadway

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Beta5 Chocolates // 413 Industrial Ave

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Sweet Boy Cream Puffs // 663 Gore Ave

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Passion 8 Dessert // 3010 Cambie St

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Cacao 70 // 1047 Denman St

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720 Sweets & Etc. // 3278 W Broadway

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Meet Fresh // 8328 Capstan Way

Fluffy Kittens // 611 Gore Ave

17°C Dessert Café //2229 Kingsway

Ladurée Canada // 1141 Robson St

Rosycakes // 701 Grand Blvd

Crackle Creme // 245 Union St

Mimibuloveme // 5556 Cambie

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