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17 Of Vancouver's Hottest Bloggers To Check Out ASAP

We are always looking for inspiration. Has your food started to taste a little bland? Has your outfit game digressed to a favourite black t-shirt? The summer is coming around to Vancouver and it’s time to take some pointers from those who do life best: our city’s bloggers.

As visual beings, this heavily filtered and well lit stimulation is what we need to incorporate some beauty into our own lives. Sometimes just scrolling through your Instagram feed is enough to get you out to a new restaurant or motivate you to amp up your everyday style.

Here is a list of incredible lifestyle bloggers, all based in Vancity:




Follow Alicia Winnett on her travels, outfits and life in Vancouver. This account is brimming with good vibes and happy energy.



Based in Vancity, the hungry couple explore local and international bites. Follow their adventures for a mouthwatering look at your city. A perfect spot to get date ideas!



Beyunique is a blog started by fashion expert and minimalist Lucy Yun. She incorporates her last name into her motto for life: “be unique.”



Alana is “eating her way through Vancouver and beyond.” Follow her account for a true culinary exploration of the city.



In this blog, Sabrina and Jeremy team together as a fashion forward couple, exploring the street style of the forever hipster; Vancouver.



Follow this account for the REAL view of Vancouver’s unfiltered food scene. Enjoy the un-velencia’d colours and textures of Vancity food as it truly is.



Described as the “quintessential summer girl,” Cara Jourdan pretties up any Instagram feed with her effortless, floral vibes. She currently works for FLARE magazine in Vancouver.



With adventure as their top priority, this couple explores BC and is kind enough to take us along with them! Explore the province like you’ve always wanted to with VancityWild.



Whether you’re looking for a healthy sugar free lifestyle or a fun loving take on Vancouver life, this is the blog for you. Check out Carlle’s website for healthy recipes and a closer look at her style secrets.



The amazing photography on this account and the blogger’s adventurous stomach will point you towards the best the city has to offer. Follow Nora as she explores Metro Vancouver through her taste buds.



With her quirky hair colours and her unique taste in clothing, Alanna Durkovich radiates street style like no other. Follow her glamorous life as a fashion extraordinaire and mommy.



Follow this blog for a rare insight into fashion forward menswear and the chic daily happenings of a Vancouverite.



Follow Niloo as she tastes all Vancouver has to offer while also sharing some of her own culinary creations!



Alexandra Grant explores Vancity and the world with chic style and a surrealistic Tuscan spin. Follow her travels for fashion inspiration or some beautiful shots of Vancouver.



“For anyone who misses their grandmother’s cooking,” follow Kelsey Rostad and Shanon Tien as they share family recipes and explore Vancouver’s culinary scene.



Follow this blog managed by Jill Lansky to witness the European aesthetic with a west coast spin.


Follow this account for to view Vancouver from a fairytale lens. From food to views, this account has it all.

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