Vancouver, it's time to get serious about our food game. We've seen your snapchats and daily instagrams of weekend brunch. And it's not bad. But you can do better. You can step it up. You can take a food challenge. And we've got 17 of them, waiting to be conquered by you hopeful readers. 

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Okay, maybe you can't take on a six-patty burger by yourself. But you definitely could with your squad. Even if you don't end up finishing the food, it'll make for a legendary instagram and lot of laughs and regrets. And there's nothing like meat sweats between friends, right? Right...

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1. The Beast @ Cannibal Cafe // 1818 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Eat it in 30 minutes or less for a T-shirt, a photo on the "Wall of Fame" and the meal free!

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2. The Charlie Bowl @ Jam Cafe // 556 Beatty St, Vancouver

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3. Uncle Grant's @ Lucy's Eastside Diner // 2708 Main St, Vancouver

Can you crush this monster within 20 minutes? If so, it's free! And yes, that is pulled pork Mac'n'cheese.

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4. Finish Your Plate @ Anton's Pasta Bar //  4260 Hastings St, Burnaby

Pick your poison (we mean pasta), and finish the plate for a pen. How far will you go for a pen?

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5. Ernie's Mile High Club @ Burger Heaven // #77 10th Street, New Westminster

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6. The Flatline Burger @ Hog Shack // #160, 3900 Bayview St, Richmond

Small but lethal, finish in five minutes to score the meal for free.

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7. The Manly Man @ Splitz Grill // 4242 Main St, Vancouver

Not just this banana split, but add in a 1.5 lb burger, salad, onion rings and a hot dog and you have the Manly Man.

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8. The Bobby Wing @ Wings // 1162 Granville St, Vancouver and various locations. 

Sign a waiver and grab some milk, because all it takes is one. Enter, the Bobby Wing.

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9. The 2 Lb Burger @ Two Parrots Perch & Grill // 1202 Granville St, Vancouver

One hour to devour this monstrosity for a free meal and... well being able to say you ate this beast in an hour.

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10. The Everest Burger @ Hilltop Diner Cafe // 23904 Fraser Highway, Langley

After every other challenge here, three patties shouldn't be a problem right?

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11. The Wild Challenge @ Wild Wing //  115-7322 King George Blvd, Surrey

Why did the chicken cross the road?

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12. Pad Thai Challenge @ Thai Cafe // 4160 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Can you and your crew finish 4.5 lbs of noodles in 30 minutes? You better Thai it out for yourself.

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13. The Chicken Parm Challenge @ Moose's Down Under // 830 W Pender St, Vancouver

45 minutes wins you a free dinner and a t-shirt. Are you too chicken to give it a try?

14. The El Diablo @ Cilantro & Jalapeno // 123 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver

A 3lb Ghost Pepper Burrito, more than enough to get jalapeno business.

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15. Epic Meal Time Mondays @ Stateside Craft // 1601 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

Calling all you meat lovers, will anyone be bacon this record anytime soon?

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16. Giant Ramen @ Ramen Koika // 1231 Davie St, Vancouver

Finish this monster bowl in 10 minutes for the meal free and another bowl free for your next visit!

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17. The Checkmate Caesar @ Score On Davie // 1262 Davie St, Vancouver

Render unto Caesar and bring a friend, this bad boy needs a party of two or more to order!