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19 Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops In Vancouver

Cause why pay 5 bucks for a latte if it doesn't fit the aesthetic.
19 Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops In Vancouver

Yes, it is definitely fun to grab a latte and enjoy some conversation with friends at cool coffee shops. But, what is even better is when you can document that on social media due to the cool aesthetic and vibes of the place (I mean that's what we live for right?)

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Check out these coffee shops where you are bound to get the perfect insta and still enjoy a latte and some pastries! 

1. Olive and Ruby Café // 2839 W. Broadway

This coffee shop and café is probably the most instagrammable one in the city. Not only does it have this beautiful hammock photo location, but they also have a sign that reads "sexy", which is perfect for taking pics in front of! 

2. Dalina // 687 Main Street

This coffee shop, grocery store, and restaurant is perfect for an instagrammable coffee break. Their beautiful wooden counters with greenery throughout the store and the Dalina signs make for the perfect backdrop for any blogger.

3. Loafe Café // 6163 University Blvd

Check out this UBC hotspot, which features an outdoor patio and a range of different food and drink items. BONUS: They also have alcoholic beverages, so what's a better instagram than a pic of you on a patio with a mimosa?! 

4. Bump N' Grind Café // 3010 Granville Street

One of the most beautiful coffee shops in the city, you are bound to get an amazing insta here. Their pastries and different lattes are to die for! 

5. Beaucoup Bakery & Café // 2150 Fir Street

Feel like you stepped into a coffee shop in Europe at this hidden gem. Their homemade pastries that are made fresh daily are delicious as well as their intricate lattes. Plus, you will deffs find a good photo here with their daily quote wall and their beaucoup red and white backdrop.

6. Small Victory Bakery // 1088 Homer Street

Check out this coffee shop downtown that has scones with cream and jam that are to die for plus many more pastries and coffee options. Plus, their presentation is perfect for some insta stories ;) 

7. Liberty YVR // 3699 Main Street

With pink tables, art on the walls and a latte design - how could you not get the perfect insta? A hip and beautiful coffee shop nestled in Main Street that is definitely worth trying out.

8. Bows and Arrows Coffee Roasters // 4194 Fraser Street

Perfect for when you need to get some work done or just enjoy some quality time with yourself, because this coffee shop has the best chill vibes. Plus, their long countertop surrounded by greenery will make for the best picture.

9. Matchstick Coffee Roasters // Various Locations

Check out this coffee shop that has the most beautiful and hip decor. You will deffs be able to get the perfect picture here with some nice wooden tables, greenery and of course lattes! 

10. Kafka's Coffee and Tea Truck // Various Locations

This unique coffee food truck will give you major instagram feels and your followers instagram envy (if that's a thing). Deffs something you need to try out in Vancouver! 

11. Field and Social // 415 Dunsmuir Street

Whenever you are in the mood for something a little healthier than pastries and croissants, check out this downtown hot spot for a salad and a coffee! Plus, it's beautiful decor will get you the best insta.

12. Le Marché St. George // 4392 St. George Street

This hidden café is one of the coolest coffee shops you would have ever seen. It features crepes, various lattes and other snacks. But, the best part is the small and homey vibe that you feel inside, almost like you are in Paris.

13. Prado Café // Various Locations 

This café which uses 49th parallel coffee beans, is super hip and cool with various locations to give you easy access! Definitely worth checking out and you are bound to get a good insta.

14. Finch's Tea and Coffee House // 353 W. Pender 

Check out this hidden gem where you can get the best coffee and food items as well as an amazing pic. This understated and very hip vibe and decor will deffs give you blogger feels.

15. The Birds and the Beets // 55 Powell Street

This awesome Gastown coffee shop will deffs leave you with that awesome insta and give you a delicious latte! Don't leave without having tried their avo toast. It is 💣.

16. Gene Coffee Bar // 2404 Main Street

One of Mount Pleasant's finest, check out this coffee bar that will deffs give you major blogger vibes! Make sure you take a cute photo at the window surrounded corner.

17. Buro // 356 Water Street

This Gastown gem is bound to give you the most aesthetically pleasing insta while still satisfying your coffee cravings (their cups have rose gold platings).

18. Nemesis Coffee // 302 W. Hastings Street

Check out this Gastown hotspot if you're super into coffee but also to get that awesome pic! 

19. Revolver Coffee // 325 Cambie Street

This is definitely a must for any coffee lover! Their amazing intricate lattes as well as their beautiful decor is perfect for getting that insta!

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