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17 Super Hipster Foods And Where To Find Them In Vancouver

You can't escape the hype.
17 Super Hipster Foods And Where To Find Them In Vancouver

The longer you live in Vancouver, the more you begin to realize how small the city really is. And with a small city, hype about anything travels fast. Combine that with the bomb food scene in Vancouver and what you get is a long laundry list of places you have to try and food you have to eat.

So before we begin this list, let me clarify what I mean by "hipster foods". Hipster foods are unique (or not) food items that everyone raves about and you constantly see on the foodie Instagrams you follow. They are the foods that are typically over-priced and your broke ass can hardly afford, but you get anyway because they say it's "worth trying at least once".

So with that said, some of these really are worth trying at least once. But we're just here to share the hype and we'll let you be the judges.

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1. Watermelon Shaved Ice Bowls at 17°C Dessert Cafe // 2229 Kingsway

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...Or Pineapple Shaved Ice Bowls

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2. Ice Cream Sandwiches at Lisa Lou's Chocolate Bar // 1007 Main St.

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3. Sushi Burritos at Pokérrito // 558 Dunsmiur St.

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4. Light Bulb Drinks at 17°C Dessert Cafe // 2229 Kingsway

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5. Fancy-pants Donuts at ...

Harmony Donut Shop // 2945 Lonsdale Ave.

Cartems Donuterie // 534 W Pender St., 2190 Main St. and 3040 W Broadway

Lucky's Donuts // 2902 Main St. and 2198 W 4th Ave.

via @thekawaiicloset

6. Fancy-pants Mini Donuts at Outpost Mini Donut Company // #110-12240 2nd Ave.

via @junipervancouver

7. Dranks served in Golden Pineapples (aka The Huli Huli) at Juniper //185 Keefer St.

via @simon_65

8. All Green Tea Everything at Choco Coo Cafe // C-501 North Rd.

via @vancouverfoodie

9. Shaved Ice at ...

Passion 8 Dessert Cafe // 3010 Cambie St.

Snowy Village // 1696 Robson St. and 8571 Alexandra Rd.

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10. Acai Bowls at ...

The Anchor Eatery // 1520 Marine Dr.

Glory Juice Co. // 78 E 2nd Ave. and 2186 W 4th Ave.

The Juicery // 254 E 1st St., 3130 Highland Blvd, 3570 W 4th Ave. and 4236 Main St.

Body Energy Club // 746 Davie St. and 555 W 12th Ave.

via @vancityjorin

11. Poke Bowls at ...

Poké Time // 1258 Robson St.

Shishinori // 2328 Cambie St. and 1467 Pender St.

Pokérrito // 558 Dunsmiur St.

via @goblanknow

12. Square Sushi at Raisu // 2340 W 4th Ave.

via @fritesgranville

13. Kimchi Fries at ...

Frites // 1011 Granville St.

Bao Down // 12 Powell St.

via @teamchomp

14. Fried Chicken & Waffles at ...

Bao Down Snack Bar // 221 Carrall St.

Tuc Craft Kitchen // 60 W Cordova St.

Sweetery Cafe + Dessert // 340 W 2nd Ave.

Jam Cafe // 556 Beatty St.

Yolks // 1298 E Hastings Rd. and 546 W Broadway

Portland Craft // 3835 Main St.

via @saltspringcoffee

15. Bottled Cold Brew Coffee at ...

Revolver // 325 Cambie St.

Salt Spring Coffee at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal// Unit #16 – 1 Ferry Causeway

Jamaica Blue Coffee // 421 Industrial Ave.

via @lataqueria

16. Tacos at ...

Tacofino // 2327 E Hastings St. and 15 W Cordova St.

Los Cuervos // 603 Kingsway

La Taqueria // 322 W Hastings and 2549 Cambie St.

Gringo // 27 Blood Alley Square

via @melly.woo

17. Super Cute Macarons at Crackle Creme // 245 Union St.

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