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17 Things Only Dog Owners In Vancouver Will Understand

Having a furry friend is one of the best things in this world. Especially in the cold, rainy Vancouver weather, you've always got a warm fuzzy ball of pillow-y fur to cuddle up with. Your dog is your baby and your best friend.

But of course, there are definitely some frustrating moments when living with the animal in your house. You've got needs, but so do they. You're home late from work and you're hella hungry, but so is your dog, and he always needs to eat first; you're crazy hung over on Sunday morning, but your dog needs to go for a poo; you're trying to have a cuddle moment with your boyfriend but your dog gets jealous and starts barking, not giving you a second of peace.

But at then end of the day, you love your pup to the ends of the world and we feel you, girl. So here is a list of exactly how we understand. We've been there.

1. Awkwardly picking up after your dog while being stared down by your neighbour whose lawn your dog pooped on.

I mean, when they gotta go, they've gotta go.

2. Forgetting to bring a doggy bag and trying to kick away your dog's poo while looking highly suspicious.

Shit. Literally.

3. Naming your dog, and then giving them 1,000,000 other nicknames

My dog's name is Macho (a.k.a. Macho Man, Macho Boy, Macho Baby, Baby, Machinko, Momo, Mem Mem, Bem Bem, Doge...).

4. Giving your puppy human food with their kibble once, and refuses to eat only kibble from that day on.

High maintenance.

5. Successfully teach your dog a trick, and showing it off to your friends like a hundred times.

"Hey guys! Have you seen Macho do..."


"But have you seen him do..."



6. Selfies with your dog.


7. Hiking selfies with your dog on Dog Mountain.

I applaud you. Dog mountain is freaking hard...even without the dog.

8. Coming back from your friend's place who has a dog, and being sniffed down by your own pup as if you've cheated on them.

Dog's thoughts: "You lyin' ass, cheatin' ass, triflin' ass..."

9. Having to wake up early on a Saturday morning to let your dog out.

I know you need to pee, but baby I got needs too!

10. Using "I have to feed my dog" as a legit excuse.

Because your dog's gotta eat too...especially when you're not enjoying your coffee date.

11. Tagging all you friends in cute puppy videos.

Because you're obsessed.

12. Having to walk your dog even in the rain.

Which is pretty much 85% of the time.

13. Having walked your dog in the rain so much you've considered buying puppy booties.

No judgement if you've actually bought them.

14. Possibly even a puppy rain jacket.

No judgement if you bought matching rain jackets.

15. The frustration of coming home and seeing that ominous puddle of your dog's pee.

And literally seeing that puppy dog face on your dog..and so you can't get mad.

16. (Or) That struggle of having to pee your entire commute home until you're about to burst, going home and having to let your dog out first.

Damn you, Macho.

17. Coming home and snuggling up with your favourite little animal in the whole world.

It's more than just puppy love.

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