17 Things To Do In Vancouver On Your Own If Your Friends Are Flakey

We're calling out all the flaky friends 📢
17 Things To Do In Vancouver On Your Own If Your Friends Are Flakey
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Let's be honest with each other. If you live in 2017 and you're a millennial, there's a slight chance that 99.999999% of your friends are flaky AF (at some point or another). I blame it on our dependence on technology because bailing on friends via txt is way easier than bailing in person or over the phone. We've all gotten that last minute text saying "So sorry, I can't make it" or "I'm not feeling well *Cough* *Cough*". I'm not buying it, Susan.

If this sounds like your friends, or even you, then you need this list. Maybe your friends flake on you, or maybe you're the one that's flaky (we've all done it). Although some of us prefer our alone time, sometimes it just happens and we're left on our own. We should make the most of it by enjoying Vancouver on our own terms! 

It could be that you're friends couldn't make it out on Saturday night, or they decided to stay in and binge-watch Stranger Things. Or you had a lunch date with a friend, but they bailed in the last second. Or maybe you like doing things on your own and need some new ideas! You don't even have to worry if these plans will please your friends because these are the best things to do in Vancouver if you're on your own!

Let's get started:

Solo Adventures 🏃‍♀️

Solo Lunches ☕️

Solo Activities 🤹‍♀️

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Solo Adventures 🏃‍♀️

Vancouver is the city to adventure around. The GVA has so much to offer. You can hike a mountain, cross suspension bridges, take in the local art scene and more. Here are some awesome ways to explore Vancouver on your own!

Bike The Seawall // Stanley Park

If you need to get your workout in for the day (or week, I'm not judging), then take a quick bike ride around town. You could bike around Stanley Park, or if that's too busy for you, veer off the beaten path. If you've ever biked with friends then you know that there's no way your chatting and riding beside each other anyway - you might as well ride solo! 

Quarry Rock Hike // Baden Powell Trail, North Vancouver

This coveted hike in Deep Cove is the perfect place to discover on your own. The hiking trail is always busy with locals getting their daily workout in, that you will never be alone. Trust me, even if you wanted to get this trail to yourself, you never will. 

Capilano Suspension Bridge // 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver

This tourist attraction is constantly filled with wandering travellers wanting to discover our luscious rainforests! You definitely won't be alone if you decide to check out Cap Bridge. If you haven't been before, make sure you take the time to explore every corner of this beautiful place. If you have been before, then you know that it's worth visiting more than once!

Vancouver Murals  // Various locations

Wandering around your own cityand trying to find new artwork can be really beautiful! Take the time to go check out the murals created by the Vancouver Mural Festival or even better, try to find some newly painted pieces by yourself! There's nothing better than appreciating the local art scene.

Go For A Run // Anywhere

Discover a new area of town by going for a run! It's super low maintenance and you don't need anyone else slowing you down. If you just moved to a new area or there's a park nearby that you haven't checked out yet, then going for a run is the perfect excuse to discover this new part of town! 

Hike The Grouse Grind // 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver

If you need some extra steps to hit your daily step goal, then take an hour or two out of your day to hike the grouse grind. If you're on your own and love to hike, hit the Grouse Grind or Coquitlam Crunch, these hikes are filled with locals so it's totally safe to hike alone!

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Solo Lunches ☕️

So let's say that you have a one-hour lunch break from work and you made plans to grab lunch with your old friend Kaitlin. Well, Kaitlin bailed last minute and now you're left to eat alone. Oh, the horror! Lol, I'm joking - no horror. You will be just fine because I've picked out the best places to eat alone and feel totally comfortable about it! 

Pappa Roti // Various Locations

This cafe is infamous for their delicious buns and professional customers. Most people that pop into Papparoti are looking for some delicious buns, good coffee, and a space to open their laptop and get to work. You definitely won't be the only person eating solo at this joint.

La Forêt Bakery & Coffee // 6848 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby

This newly opened cafe is the perfect spot to eat by your lonesome. They have an amazing brunch menu, that includes paninis, waffles, brunch platters and more! Not to mention, their huge space is so adorably decorated. There are tons of people meeting clients here, working on their laptops or just popping in to grab a quick lunch!

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar // 1703 Robson St, Downtown

Nero is one of my favourite restaurants to grab waffles in Vancouver! This super cute spot is perfect to snag a quick breakfast or lunch ... or even a cheeky evening snack. 😉 If you don't think that you can eat alone, you can always grab the waffles to go! 

The West Village Cafe // #160 - 5620 152nd Street, Surrey

This cafe is definitely #instagoals. If you like trendy cafes, then this is your jam. You have to check out The West Village Cafe. They have unreal waffles and quality coffee! If your friend doesn't show, it's their loss because this place is totally amazing.

Terra Breads // Various Locations

You can find this cute bakery all over town! They care a lot about local, fresh and organic ingredients, so you won't feel bad stopping here for breakfast. Lots of people swing into Terra Breads for a power breakfast before work, so there will be a ton of other people by themselves. They also have great lunch options and a smorgasbord of baked goods.

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Solo Activities 🤹‍♀️

There are so many activities that you can definitely do alone in the city. You could go see that show you've been dying to see (that you couldn't get anyone else to buy tickets for), de-stress at wreck beach or get a facial at a Vancouver spa!

Go to a comedy club!

Buy tickets for the new Cirque Du Soleil show or go to a comedy club! Sit in the back and laugh your a** off! If your friends can't commit to buying tickets then go by yourself! You'll be sitting in a theatre so no one will even notice because you'll all be enjoying the entertainment.

Get your nails done.

You definitely don't need your BFF to get your nails done. I know lots of people go with their friends to get their nails done, but I honestly prefer going alone. You won't get seated next to your friend and you'll be too busy relaxing to make small talk anyway.

Relax at the beach.

Take some time to de-stress and unwind at one of our gorgeous beaches. Even if it's not the best weather, walking down to the beach is the perfect way to relax after a hectic work day! You do not need anyone else to disturb your zen time.

Buy tickets to a concert!

Splurge on tickets to that concert that no one else wants to go to! We have all been there when you're dying to see Adele or the Biebs but none of your friends want to spend the cash to see a singer they're just not that into. Spoil yourself by buying a single ticket for your fav band! 

Treat yo'self to a spa day!

Book some sauna timeor a facial at one of Vancouver's finest spas. Hit a fancy hotel spa or somewhere special like Spautopia. You can get a facial or a deep tissue massage and then lounge around the facility in their fancy robes until you decide it's time to go home. 

Go out to a movie for the night.

Go see that rom-com you've been dying to check out. If your boyfriend isn't down, you can totally go alone. You won't be talking during the movie anyway. The theatre will be pitch black so no one will even know. Grab a huge buttery bag of popcorn and grab a seat in the back row, you'll be fine.

Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager