If you live in Vancouver, the usual weekend activities can become a bit repetitive. Beers at the Craft Beer Market, biking the seawall, grabbing a pint of Whiskey Hazelnut ice cream at Earnest.

These are all awesome but typical things to do in Vancouver. If you're like me then you definitely like discovering new ways to have fun in the city. If you feel like spicing up your weekend with some new (off the beaten path) fun things to do then look no further! 

Here is a carefully curated list of the most unusual but fun things to do in Vancouver. This is perfect when you've run out of ideas of things to do or you have become completely bored with all the regular things to do in Vancouver.

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Shooting at the gun range

Where: 201-1655 Broadway Street // Port Coquitlam

Price: Admission: $30. Ammunition: Varies! Also, Weds Special: 2 for 1 admission & Fri Special: Ladies Night - Free Admission

Why you should go: Your boyfriend will be stoked that you planned a date night at the gun range. These are the experiences that you will always remember (mostly because it's terrifying)!


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Nerd out at Ludica Pizzeria

Where: 189 Keefer Place // Gastown

Price: $13-16 (for pizza!)

Why you should go: Pizza + any board game imaginable, need I say more?


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Explore the historic Ladner Creek Trestles

Where: Siwash Creek Road // Yale

Price: Free!

Why you should go: If you're brave enough to walk across the trestles, you will be rewarded with incredible views! AND it's the perfect spot for a photo op!

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Have a sunset dinner at a "secret" beach

Where: These "secret" beaches

Price: Free!

Why you should go: Picnics are so underrated! If you're feeling too lazy to cook, grab a pizza and a bottle of wine and head down to the beach. Presto, you have the perfect picnic!

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Go whale watching on a BC ferry

Where: Pacific Ocean

Price: $17.20 by foot

Why you should go: Orcas, seals, and whales swim in our waters! Take an afternoon to try and catch a glimpse of one of these creatures. If you see one, you'll never forget it!


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Go plane watching at Larry Berg Flight Path Park

Where: Russ Baker Way // Richmond

Price: Free!

Why you should go: If you haven't been plane-watching before, there are only a few feelings that compare to being right underneath a flying plane. The adrenaline alone is a major reason to go plane watching!


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Order a volcano bowl at the Shameful Tiki Room

Where: 4362 Main St // South Main

Price: $40 (Split between 4 people, $10 each!)

Why you should go: From the second you open their (hidden) front door, you will be transported into the ultimate tiki experience. Dimly lit, with no visible windows to the outside and the sounds of the tropics are the perfect setting for a mini vacation.


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Visit the infamously haunted Riverview Hospital

Where: 2601 Lougheed Hwy // Coquitlam

Price: Free!

Why you should go: If you like anything creepy, you have to check this place out. It was a functioning institution for years but was recently closed down. It's also a commonly used set location for big-budget film productions!

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Have dinner and listen to slam poetry at Cafe Deux Soleils

Where: 2096 Commercial Drive // Commercial-Broadway

Price: The poetry is free, the dinner will cost ya!

Why you should go: I don't know a lot of people who have actually listened to slam poetry in person. It may seem unusual, but you might actually love it! You could have a new favourite thing to do on Monday nights.


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Grab a tasting flight at Mariner Brewing

Where: 1100 Lansdowne Drive // Coquitlam

Price: $8 for a flight of four beers!

Why you should go: It's brand new! Try a tasting flight and tell all your friends about your new discovery. The Sour Weisse is a crowd favourite.


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Watch a live performance at Granville Island

Where: Granville Island, duh.

Price: Free!

Why you should go: Low cost! Just grab some freshly baked bagels from the market and then sit outside and watch the buskers perform!


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Get naked at Wreck Beach

Where: Wreck Beach // Point Grey

Price: Free!

Why you should go: The beach is pretty secluded and clothing is optional. Sometimes you just need to relax and unwind... Wreck beach is the perfect place for that.


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Play dress up and have afternoon tea in Fort Langley

Where: 9090 Glover Rd // Langley

Price: Afternoon Tea is $14 - $32!

Why You Should Go: Fort Langley feels like a completely different world. Especially if you visit the Little White House Co. It's a gorgeous heritage house converted into a high tea salon! Transport back in time with your BFF and sip expensive teas and eat tiny finger sandwiches.


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Experience the hospital of horrors through VR

Where: 100-289 Abbott St // Gastown

Price: $20 per person

Why You Should Go: It's the newest addition to the Smarty Pantz escape room lineup! It's not actually an escape room, you put on a virtual reality headset and are transported to the Hospital of Horrors! P.S. The scare factor is advertised as high.


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Indoor kart racing in Richmond

Where: 2100 Viceroy Place // Richmond

Price: First race $17-22.

Why You Should Go: What's more fun than go-kart racing! Bring all of your friends and let your inner child out.


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Fly a plane over in Squamish

Where: Squamish Airport 46041 Government Road // Garibaldi Highlands

Price: $224.

Why You Should Go: People like pilots for a reason, right? Here's an introductory course to flying in BC! You'll get to see spectacular views of the mountains and also get a chance to take over in the driver's seat! How many people can say they've flown a plane before.


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Free fall 12,500 feet at 200km/h at Vancouver Skydive

Where: 730-11731 Baynes Rd // Pitt Meadows

Price: $275 per person (weekday special)

Why You Should Go: This is the ultimate way to spend your day. If you love adrenaline, trying new things or pushing yourself to your limit, you have to try skydiving!