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17 Vancouver Things You And Your BFFs Should Treat Yourselves To For Under $50 This Fall

Ahh fall - time to fall back in love with flannel, pumpkin spice lattes, warm cozy sweaters and boots. What we don't love? Back-to-school. But we've got a few things that'll make it better.

Treat yourself this fall season because school sucks. There are tons of things to do in the city even if it's not summer weather. So if you've got $50 (or even less) get ready, because we've got some awesome things in store for you.

What're you looking to treat yourself to?

Eat your heart out 🤤

Indulge in all your fave foods because who needs a summer bod when you have fall comfort food?

Get lit 🍹

Pour it up, pour it up.

Pamper yo'self 💅

Relax and de-stress, because back-to-school is going to be hell.

Outdoorsy Things 🚴🏼‍♀️

It's Vancouver! There're always fun outdoorsy things for every season.

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Eat Your Heart Out 🤤

via @candycomplex

Mille Crêpe Cake at L'otus Cake Boutique // #103-8580 Cambie Rd

$8 - $9

A little sweetness in your life can go a long way...especially if you've got a sweet tooth aching to be satisfied. The million layer crêpe cakes at L'otus Cake Boutique are sweet, creamy and will totally hit the spot.

via @meya_bae

Hot Chocolate at Milk & Eggs // #1030-8888 Odlin Crescent


It seems appropriate to include hot chocolate on this list because who doesn't want to cozy up to a nice hot cup of cocoa when the weather outside gets chillier. And the best part? It's topped with toasted marshmallows and whipped cream.

via @thehungrycouple.yvr

Queso Fundito at La Mezcaleria // 1622 Commercial Dr and 68 E Cordova St

$8 - $26

Nothing in life is as satisfying as a big fat bowl of melted cheese. Get a mini individual size bowl of Mexican hot-stone melted cheese at Happy Hour or get the real deal!

via @melkarlik

Lobo Smoothie at Buddhafull // #102-2120 Dollarton Hwy


A swing set inside a vegan cafe? I'm there. Buddhafull Provisions at Northwoods Village has the cutest vibes and the yummiest peanut butter and banana smoothie...ever. Don't forget to pick up Erin Ireland's banana bread too.

via @vancouverfoodie

Cheesy Ddeokbokki at Hongdae Pocha // 1642 Robson St


Nothing to warm you up in the fall like spicy plate of ddeokbokki. Now add some cheese, eggs, fish cakes and noodles in the mix, we've got a winner!

via @jofficial.will

The Beast at The Cannibal Cafe // 1818 Commerical Dr


Well actually, it's only free if you can finish it in 30 minutes...but if you do, you receive a t-shirt and even get your picture hung up on the wall of fame. So it's a treat if you love burgers and can finish it in 30 minutes, if not, then maybe not so much.

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Get Lit 🍹

via @olha_y

Super Margarita at La Casita // 101 W Cordova St


At La Casita, you either go big or go home...and you're obviously not going home. Their Super Margaritas are super huge and ready to get you super drunk.

via @whisbeerfest

BEER! at Whistler Village Beer Festival // Whistler

$17 with this Groupon

Beer and Whistler go together like peanut butter and jelly. Enjoy the last bit of Whistler summer fun and chug some beers at the Whistler Village Beer Festival on Sunday, Sept 17 while you're at it.

via @adrianlt

Thai Buckets at Gringo // 27 Blood Alley Square


Are those actually buckets filled with alcohol? Why yes. Yes, they are. Gringo serves up Thai Buckets with 3 oz. of alcohol. Choose from your favourite drink on the menu and make it a bucket.

via @coust0

Sangria Fishbowl at The Pawn Shop // 1117 Granville St


You probs already know The Pawn Shop for their Happy Hour $1 taco special (and if you don' need to go!!). But you might not know that they have the best fishbowls and bulldogs! Tacos and sangria? YAS GIRL.

via @mshyena

Tropical Sangria Pitchers at Ebisu // Various Locations

$15 - $20

You've had red sangria and white sangria, but I doubt you've tried blue sangria. Ebisu serves up a mean Tropical Sangria Pitcher with white wine, blue curacao, pineapple rum and other potions mixed inside.

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Pamper Yo'self 💅

via @carebear1979

Himalayan Salt Cave Sessions at SaltWonder // 940 16th St W

$23 for 45-minute session

Release your body from toxins and de-stress by sweating it all out at the SaltWonder Himalayan salt caves. These salt rooms consist of over 80 minerals and with a 50% off Groupon, you can't say no.

via @radiantsalonwestbroadway

Manicure and Hand Massage at Radiant Hair and Nail Salon // 568 W Broadway


There's not a whole lot in this world that feels more relaxing or fancier than getting your nails did. Even a simple manicure can change your mood from drab to fab and nail artist, Aki Nakajima at Radiant, is your girl.

via @sunnycrystals

Steam and Sauna Rooms at JJ Family Spa // 3000 Christmas Way

$15 all day

With 7 different steam and sauna rooms, including a salt, charcoal and earth room, you can spend all day relaxing and cat napping in the rooms while doing good to your body.

Click "Next" for outdoorsy things.

Outdoorsy Things 🚴🏻‍♀️

via @areushiningjustforme

A walk through the forest at UBC Botanical Gardens // 6804 SW Marine Dr

$10 with this Groupon

Take a relaxing stroll through the UBC Botanical Gardens to enjoy the last bit of the lush summer greenery or colourful tangerine hues of fall. And there are tons of super cute photo op spot for the Insta in the garden.

via @angstergram

Wine Tour and Tasting at Vinoscenti Vineyards // 15560 Colebrook Rd

$15 with this Groupon

It might be a little late in the summer to take a road trip out to the Okanagan for a wine tasting adventure, but defs not too late to do one in your own backyard. The Vinoscenti Vineyards in Surrey are offering wine tours and tasting with charcuterie so you can get a little fancy and learn about wine.

via @laurah_watson

Kayaking at Vancouver Water Adventures // 1812 Boatlift Ln

$20 for a 2-hour session with this Groupon

The weather might be getting a little colder, but come on Vancouver, that's what wet suits are for! Our gorgeous waters are meant to be experienced, so why not with a kayak?

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