Do your girls eyes roll to the back of her head when you eat out?

Then you probably should stop going to the same restaurants. It's a hard habit to break, we've all got favorites, but for your girlfriend/friends sake it's time to try something new. 

Be bold! be adventurous, be the friend in your group that suggests the vegan restaurant! Unlike your usual friend that suggests this idea, give them options and show them some bomb food they'll love! 

So don't be to chicken to put the chicken down. instead of going to your usual spot that we're sure your bored of, try one of these bomb AF dishes from one of these restaurants this weekend!

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1. Golden Temple Soup at Chau Veggie // 5052 Victoria Drive

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2. Baked Mac 'N Cheesy at Wallflower // 2420 Main St

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3. The Halloumi served at Acorn // 3995 Main St

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4. Sweet Chilli Cauliflower Bites at Meet on Main // 4288 Main St

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5. Benny Eggs Breakfast Pizza at Virtuous Pie // 583 Main St

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6. Quinoa Nut Fritters at Heirloom // 1509 W 12th Ave

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7. G.L.D Nachos (vegan option available) at Bandidas Taqueria // 2781 Commercial Drive

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8. Candle Lit Lantern Pho Soup at Chau Veggie // 5052 Victoria Drive

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9. Crispy Chick'n Burger at Loving Hut Food Truck // Pacific Blvd, Yaletown

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10. Mac 'n Cheese Burger at Meet on Main // 4288 Main St

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11. Vegan soft serve ice cream at The Juice Truck // 28 W 5th Ave

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12. The Fresh Addiction Burger at Indigo Age Cafe // 436 Richards St

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13. Chomp Sliders at Chomp Vegan Eatery // 3586 Fraser St

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14. Literally any of the doughnuts at Dipped Doughnut Co. // By Delivery

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15. Made to order ice cream sandwiches at Friendly Snack Bar // 2408 Main St

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16. Herb Crusted Beet + Nut Loaf at Acorn // 3995 Main

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17. Rickety Rickshaw Bowl at Chau Veggie // 5052 Victoria Drive