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18 Awesome Free Things To Do In BC This Summer 2017

Money can't buy happiness.
18 Awesome Free Things To Do In BC This Summer 2017

Ah, the beautiful British Columbia. So beautiful, but at times super cripplingly expensive. Sometimes it feels like you can't even get around without having spend over half your paycheque just on gas and transit.

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Unfortunatley we can't help you there - but what we can do is suggest some awesome free things to do in BC this summer that don't cost a thing. You already spend way to much money on daily needs like commuting and toilet paper and ish (I know...buying toilet paper is the death of me too). We're here let you save a few more dollars where you can and still have an awesome summer seventeen.

Click below to see all the awesome and free things you can do this summer! (Okay, yes it's separated by bae, BFFs, and family, but you could also totally just do all of them with anyone too!)

Things To Do With Your Bae 💏

Find yourself having to break the bank because you go on way too many cute dates with bae? Well cute dates don't have to be expensive! In fact they don't have to cost a thing! I guess JLo was right when she said love don't cost a thing.

Things To Do With Your BFFs 👯

Time for quality girl squad time. Instead of dressing up, spending $$$ on boujee drinks in Yaletown, and regretting it a million times over when you're hungover and realize you dropped like three bills on you and your friends last night. Try something super fun and totally free!

Things To Do With Your Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Summer time is prime time for family time! Your little brother is on summer holiday from elementary school and your dad is cool taking a week off work. Your family are your favourite human beings, so go out there and do something fun with them without having to break the bank.

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Things To Do With Bae 💏

1. Go on a dinner and movie date...outdoors!

The summer version of a classic dinner and movies kinda date. This year from July 4 to August 6, BC Fresh Air Cinemas will once again be hosting outdoor movies at Stanley Park! Pack your own picnic and have dinner at the movies!

2. Visit the Fisgard Lighthouse.

A little bit of East Coast on the West Coast. The Fisgard Lighthouse is a super romantic spot to bring your bae in Victoria. The short road trip is totally worth it.

3. Learn how to Salsa dance at Robson Square.

You bae don't know how to dance? Well you gon' learn today! Every summer, Robson Square hosts free salsa dancing lesson from July 9 to August 13.

4. Take in the incredible Vancity views.

There's nothing like sitting at the top of a mountain, staring down at your beautiful city, and talking to bae about all the little nothings in life. You probably already have your own precious lookout spots, but why not try some new ones with this list?

5. Watch the most beautiful fireworks you've ever seen at English Bay.

The Celebration Of Lights fireworks are back again this year! Grab a blanket and some snacks and cuddle up at the beach as you watch the light show sparkle in the sky. This year, the fireworks will be on Saturday, July 23, Wednesday, July 27, & Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 10PM.

6. Take a romantic scenic drive along the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Unfortunatley, we can't pay for your gas - but the drive is free! Take a relaxing drive with your hands on each others' laps along the Highway 99 from West Vancouver all the way to Whistler. The views are absolutely incredible and the viewpoint stops are totally worth the gas money.

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Things To Do With Your BFFs 👯

1. Hike the Grouse Grind.

Werk those legs girl! Hike up the famous Grouse Grind with your squad for those gains! Your booty will thank you well as your Insta feed.

2. Take free yoga classes at Kitsilano Beach.

Time to namastay. Every single day from June 1 to 23, Mat Collective will eb hosting free yoga classes at Kits Beach! Bring your yoga mat and get stretching!

3. Take cute pictures with your BFF at Queen Elizabeth Park.

There's nothing more cute and girly than enjoying the flora at a park! And as a major plus, QE park has incredible views of Vancouver. Grab your DSLR or your iPhone and start snapping away!

4. Go on this Ultimate Vancouver Scavenger Hunt.

What more fun is there than to be a tourist in your own city? And if Vancouver isn't your own city, then well, how fun is it to tourist like a local? Discover local gems and familiar favourites.

5. Take a warm dip into the Lussier Hot Springs.

Located at Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park in East Kootenay, this undeveloped hot spring it totally free! Thank you mother nature!

6. Get drunk on Beer Island.

Okay, so the beer isn't free. But I mean, if you split a 6-pack with a couple friends you're spending pretty much close to no money. Beer Island is located in the area of False Creek and is an awesome secluded spot for you and your friends to crack open a couple cold ones and soak up the summer sun.

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Things To Do With Your Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

1. Float down this 7km lazy river in Penticton.

Grab your floaties and take a good old family road trip to Pentiction for this awesome 7km lazy river. The Penticton River Channel is totally free and is a local favourite for tubing and summer chillin'.

2. Take a hike to Brandywine Falls.

Grab your mom, your dad, your sister, and your brother, it's time for a mini day trip! There's nothing better than going on a little drive with your favourite human beings. Head on over to Brandywine Falls for an easy hike and awesome fam photos.

3. Visit the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

Ditch the Capilano Suspension Bridge, because this one is free. Located in the lofty mountains of Lynn Canyon is the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. A super cute day trip to take with your fam, even if that just means you, your BF, and your dog.

4. Admire the stars at the GMS Observatory.

Grab your nerdy little brother who's into stars and planets and take him to the GMS Obersvatory right next to the H.R. MacMillan Space Center. Every Friday and Saturday evening July 1 through to Labour Day, admission is by donation.

5. Explore the abandoned tunnels of Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park.

Popularly known as the Othellow Tunnels, Coquihalla Canyon Provinical Park in Hope is home to incredible trails right next to towering canyons and super cool abandoned train tunnels. 

6. Take a stroll through Granville Island.

Granville Island is perhaps one of the most family friendly places on earth - a public market for your mom, a micro-brewery for your dad, a kid's indoor playground for your 6 year-old sister, and all the awesome Insta shots for you. Located 1669 Johnston St. is your nexy family day trip.

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