When you think about it, night markets are the pinnacle dream of any food lover. You come hungry, leave happy, and if you're still hungry - you pass by McDonald's on your way home. What a time to be alive. The only downside, is that night markets can be rather distant for some people. The Richmond Night Market is nearly at the airport, and an hour-something commute each way. 

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So where does that leave the North Shore, or anyone who isn't ready for that trek? Easy. Try out the Shipyard's Night Market, North Vancouver's largest night market.

The event takes place all throughout summer every Friday evening 5PM to 10PM, and admission is free! Just a seabus (or bus) away, they're quickly becoming a contender in the food game. And we've compiled 18 bucket list foods to get your hands on this summer! 

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1. Raw Vegan Pad Thai // Gaia Ma 

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2. Gourmet Fortune Cookies // The Cookies Fortune Company

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3. Mini Donuts // Mollie's Mini Donuts

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4. Freshly Made Lobster Rolls 

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5. Specialty Chocolates // Coconama Chocolate

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6. Risotto Balls // Mr. Arancino

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7. Hand-crafted, Small Batch Ice Cream // Rocky Point Ice Cream 

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8.  Fried Rice Balls // Roaming Dragon 

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9. So Gouda Grilled Cheese // Melt City 

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10. Godzilla Mac'N'Cheese // Reel Mac And Cheese

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11. Vegan Oreo Cookies // Delish Gluten Free

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12. Peaches & Cream Cannoli // Cannoli King

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13. Blueberry Mojito Popsicles and Other Flavors // Johny's Popsicles 

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14. Pad Thai / Super Thai Food

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15. Seared Cod with Mango and Cream Curry // Vjj's Railway Express

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16. Fried Plantains // The Reef Runner 

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17. Artisan Pizza // Urban Wood Fire Pizza 

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18. Bulgogi Rice Bowls // Disco Cheetah