18 Bucket List Places In Vancouver To Get The Most Amazing Waffles

Are waffles really just pancakes with abs?
18 Bucket List Places In Vancouver To Get The Most Amazing Waffles

Let's be honest, there's never a bad time for waffles. A little syrup here, some nutella there, maybe a couple of strawberries. It's a sweet and fluffy serving of goodness. And Vancouver has a number of places that do a killer job of serving a killer waffle. 

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It doesn't matter if you're regretfully hungover from the night before, ran out of milk at home, or it's the middle of the day and you're just hella dedicated to the waffle game. Here are the best waffle places in Vancouver to go out and get your fix! 

1. Cafe Orzo // 4316 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver

Sweet and Savoury collide with their European Breakfast: Liege Waffles, raspberry jam and a their daily selection of meat and cheese. 

2. Chambar // 568 Beatty St, Vancouver

Ever try white chocolate pistachio rosewater on a waffle? How about Raspberry Caramel? Or bacon caramel. If not, what are you waiting for?!? 

3. Nero Belgian Bar // 1703 Robson St, Vancouver

A convenient location, giant menu and a ton of beers and cocktails to wash it down. And even better, they're open later in the evenings too!

4. Just Waffles // 3531 E Hastings St, Vancouver

We're talking pizza waffles. Peprroni and marble cheddar on a liege waffle. I'll try anything once and there's no such thing as bad pizza. 

5. Scandilicious // 25 Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Their "Scandilicous": featuring boiled eggs, shrimp, cucumbers and lemon dill sauce is surprisingly addictive. Try it, you heard it here first. 

6. Patisserie Lebeau // 1728 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver

Their waffles get distributed to Whole Foods, Nesters Market and Urban Fare, among others. Yes, they're really that good. 

7. Waffle Gone Wild // 3726 Canada Way, Burnaby

Their signature waffle creations are... well wild frankly. Their latest, Japanese Okonomiyaki is a waffle's take on takoyaki. Try it if you dare? 

8. Cafe Medina // 780 Richards St, Vancouver

Small, quaint and a charming experience for brunch, mediterannean fare mixes with delightful liege waffles. 

9. Yolk's // 1298 East Hastings and 546 West Broadway 

How could I not mention chicken and waffles on this list? Also try a side of their truffle-lemon hashbrowns, you will NOT be disappointed. 

10. Denny's // Various Locations

Sure, it's not a designer waffle, but it's hard to forget Denny's and a hangover go together like... well waffles and syrup. And they're open 24/7!

11. Off The Grid Waffles // 2665 Kingsway, Vancouver

They've taken waffles, and mixed them with milkshakes. As if they couldn't get sweeter, this is where your sweet tooth can rest easy. 

12. The Bubble Tea Shop //  1680 Robson St and 4651 No. 3 Road

Enter - the bubble waffle - the liege waffle's Asian counterpart. The cafes also features all sort of bubble tea and deluxe bubble waffles.

13. 33 Acres Brewery // 15 W 8th Ave, Vancouver

It's a cool, minimalistic setting that makes for the perfect brunch. And who wouldn't want to enjoy craft beer with their waffles? 

14. Zestea //  1544 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

Mix in cheap bubble waffles with perhaps the best bubble tea in North Vancouver and you've got a clear-cut winner here. 

15. Cafe Joie // 110-6125 Sussex Ave, Burnaby

Right beside Metrotown and hosting not just waffles - but every kind of dessert you could dream of, it's a must visit! 

16. Jam Cafe // 556 Beatty St

Although there always seems to be a lineup, the wait is seriously worth it. And for the brave at stomach, they have a huge breakfast food challenge! 

17. Back Forty // 118 Robson St

It's chicken and waffles with a southern barbeque flair. BBQ lovers rejoice and get over here ASAP!

18. Sweetery Cafe // 30 West 2nd Ave

Conveniently located right next to Earnest Ice Cream, it's not difficult to spend an entire afternoon here... eating... cause we've all done that at some point.

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