Vancouver is a freaking cool place. Part of the reason as to why it's so cool is because there are so many unique aspects of Vancouver lifestyle. This makes it pretty easy to pick out the non-locals.

If you want to fit into the Vancouver scene, you have to start thinking like a Vancouverite and that means you need to stop acting the fool. Here are 18 dead giveaways you are not from Van City:

1. Green lights flashing at intersections are pretty damn confusing

Does that mean go? There are people walking here. Oh, while I'm on the subject – you constantly wait for the car to drive past before crossing the street, only to end up looking like an idiot standing there while the car waves you on.

2. You like eating meat

I'm not saying every Vancouverite is a vegetarian, but there are certainly quite a few meat haters who are more than ready to explain the atrocity of meat consumption.

3. You think weed is legal

Seeing dispensaries all over, the art gallery celebration on 4/20, and people just blatantly smoking weed, you would think weed is legal... but you would be mistaken.

4. You didn't realize the summer isn't that hot

We all know it doesn't get very cold in Vancouver during the winter, but apparently you're lucky to see the temperature rise above 20 Celsius during the summer (at least this summer thus far).

5. Biking isn't a preferred mode of transportation

If you don't own a bike, you are either not from Vancouver or have not embraced the Vancouver lifestyle. Bike paths are a human right according to a Vancouverite.

6. You think the ocean is unreasonably cold

If you have trouble swimming in the “refreshing” ocean water, you might not have grown up in Vancouver or you're just a sensible human being who knows what cold is.

7. You think a light drizzle is considered raining

Was that a raindrop? I better bring an umbrella. B*tch, please.

8. You are unaware of proper umbrella etiquette

If you don't raise your umbrella when walking past someone on the sidewalk, you should be locked up. But seriously people – you're going to take someone's eye out.

9. You don't like sushi

If you don't like raw fish, you're in the wrong place. Asian cuisine is the bomb and if you were from Vancouver you would know that.

10. You go to clubs without putting yourself on the guest list

Oh la-di-dah, let me just pay 15 bucks cover. OR maybe just save yourself the money next time and check out all the available guest lists clubs are usually doing.

11. You have little knowledge of the suburbs surrounding Vancouver

“I'm from New West.” Yeah and I'm from Mars. Let's be real, if you're not from Van, the chances of you knowing anything about Burnaby is pretty slim.

12. You freak out about drinking alcohol in public (even at the beach)

Is this legal? Dude, chill. When you're finished, make sure to leave the can on the TOP of the trashcan!

13. You are not a Canucks fan

If you don't like the Canucks, you ain't a Vancouver native. Hell, if you don't like hockey, you probably aren't Canadian.

14. You've never taken a ferry

Ferries are about as popular here as bridges. That's what happens when there are so many beautiful islands to travel to.

15. You didn't know that one's blood alcohol level must be 0.0 to drive a vehicle

Drinking and driving laws are strict as hell so maybe skip the mouthwash before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

16. You don't go to the gym

If you don't even exercise, I have a hard time believing you're from Vancouver. Every person I see is as fit as fiddle.

17. You are shocked to see naked people at the beach

Yes, at Wreck Beach we let it all hang out. Feel the breeze between your knees.

18. You think you're a hipster

You fold the bottom of your jeans and have a beard – that must mean you're a hipster. WRONG! Have you seen the hipsters here. Plus, if you think you're a hipster, doesn't that mean you are automatically not a hipster (think about it).

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