Having reviewed many of the different news channels that have touched on the subject of millenials not being able to afford homes due to the irresistability of avocado toast, we had but one thought:

Where in the housing-crisis-hell can we get some avocado toast?!

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No it's not just about the combo itself! It's about the little luxuries that come with it. The atmosphere, the quality of life, the people.

We live in Vancouver! The city of people who love to flex. We are the luxury car capital of North America, and while a large portion of us can't afford $150,000 luxury cars, we can all easily afford the little luxuries of having some delicious avocado toast with friends. Here's where you can find some! 

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1. Nelson the Seagull // 315 Carall St

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2. Wildebeest // 120 W Hasting St

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3. Nemesis Coffee // 302 W Hastings

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4. Cha Le Tea Merchant Cafe // 1207 Hamilton St

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5. The Birds & The Beets // 55 Powell St

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6. Medina Cafe // 780 Richards St

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7. Dalina // 687 Main St

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8. Olive + Ruby // 2839 West Broadway

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9. The Federal Store // 2601 Quebec St

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10. Roost Cafe & Bistro // 789 Gore Ave

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11. Small Victory Bakery // 1088 Homer St, Vancouver 

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12. Scandilicious // 25 Victoria Dr

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13. Heirloom // 1509 W 12th Ave

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14. 33 Acres Brewing // 15 W 8th Ave

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15. Prado Cafe // 4208 Fraser St

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16. The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe // 296 Pemberton Ave

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17. Belgard Kitchen // 55 Dunlevy Ave

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18. Kahve // 1822 W 1 Ave

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19. Cafe Orso // 4316 Gallant Ave