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19 Bucket List Sushi You Have To Try In Vancouver

Seriously, how strong is Vancouver's sushi game tho???
19 Bucket List Sushi You Have To Try In Vancouver

Tbh are you really a Vancouverite if you don't love sushi? Sushi is a Vancouver staple and we're lucky to have world-class sushi right at our doorsteps. From pressed sushi to seared to burrito style and more, Vancouver is constantly stepping up its sushi game and is it delicious.

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Like Corinne said on The Bachelor, "I need sushi." Same, girl. Same. This list is what Vancouver sushi dreams are made of.

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Oshi Sushi at Miku // 200 Granville St #70

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Miku Roll at Miku // 200 Granville St #70

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Aburi Tobiko Roll at Victoria Sushi // 15 Royal Avenue East #10

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O-toro at Kyuzo // 5701 Granville St #112

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Negitoro with Egg at Sushi By Yuji // 2252 Kingsway

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Salmon Oshi at Green Leaf Sushi Cafe // 3416 W Broadway

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Red Wave Roll at Minami // 1118 Mainland St

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Salmon Oshi Sushi at Minami // 1118 Mainland St

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Winter Roll at Naruto Sushi // 2763 Commercial Dr

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Electric Banana at The Eatery // 3431 W Broadway

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Sakura Blossom Roll at Shizen Ya // 985 Hornby St

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Box Roll at Toshi Sushi // 181 E 16th Ave

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Renkodai at Maruyama // 3883 Rupert St

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Negitoro Nigiri at Kingyo // 871 Denman St

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Alaska Roll at Sushi Itoga // 1668 Robson Street

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Saba Oshi Sushi at Guu Garden //888 Nelson St

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Pressed Sushi Box at Raisu // 2340 W 4th Ave 

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Awesome Roll at Sushi Nanaimo // 350 Nanaimo St

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Hanuama Sushi-ritto at Pokeritto // 558 Dunsmuir St

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