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19 Date Ideas For Vancouver Couples That Are Lazy AF

Beers, dipped ice cream, board game bars and more!

If you've been in the dating game for more than a few months, then you know that extravagant dates like snowshoeing in Whistler, touring the Rockies in a helicopter or watching a live orchestra performance are just not practical ideas for every other weekend.

Let's face the facts, there's no way that you're dishing out that much dough every single weekend just for date night. If you are, then maybe you can afford a trip to Whistler every weekend, but if you're like me then you planning low maintenance dates for you and bae.

This is your short guide to dating in Vancouver if you're lazy AF. I'm not about to run a marathon, water-ski at the lake, cross-country ski at Grouse or do anything else that involves a ton of planning and/or money. If you and your partner like date ideas that are pretty simple, don't involve a ton of planning or hard work then we've got you covered.

We've done almost all of the work for you. I've listed everything below so there's almost no effort involved here on your part.

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1. Donate some cash and watch a live band perform at Guilt & Co.

If you're too lazy to entertain each other, let someone else do the entertaining.

2. Stay inside on a rainy day and build a fort!

...and then never leave the fort. 😈

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3. Challenge your date to a board game at Pizzeria Ludica or Storm Crow Tavern.

Beer, pizza and board games all in one place - it's so easy!

4. Play a round of mini golf at Rupert Park Pitch & Putt.

Mini golfing is just like real golfing except it's only half of the effort. 😅

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5. Have a well-deserved spa day at Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel.

Lounge around the Shangri-La spa all. day. long.

6. Grab some take out and have a picnic at the beach. 😍

Don't bother cooking. Snag a pizza from Nat's, head down to the beach and presto, you have a cute date!

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7. Cuddle up and watch a movie at the Twilight Drive-In.

You don't even have to get out of your car. So easy, so lazy. 👏

8. Test your date with the food challenge at Anton's Pasta Bar.

In the event that you don't finish your gigantic plate of pasta, take it home for leftovers. #lazygirlhacks

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9. Grab some delicious grub at one of these cool retro diners.

Skip the busy Yaletown restaurants and take a date to one of these low-key diners.

10. Take a yoga class!

Go practice yoga in a park, or drop in on a class. If you're super lazy, just practice the savasana pose. 😌

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11. Visit the Vancouver Art Museum on Tuesday night.

If you're super lazy and hate buying tickets for things - just show up to VAG on a Tuesday night, bring a couple bucks and you have hours of entertainment.

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12. Cook dinner together!

Nevermind going out for a fancy dinner. Scavenge through your pantry and cook an entire meal with your S.O.

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13. Take your date to one of Vancouver's coolest hidden underground bars.

If you want to do something awesome but you're too lazy to do the research, check out these amazing hidden bars listed above!

14. Binge watch the newest season of your fav Netflix show.

My favourite lazy pastime is binge-watching Netflix originals. Just add your boo and you have a date! 📺

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15. Spend an entire day completing a puzzle.

If you made that fort, don't bother getting out. Add a puzzle and you have a date activity that could last days (without leaving your house).

16. Go to The Pint and watch the hockey game!

If you or your BF are itching to watch the game but you promised date night, just hit a sports bar and you're good to go.

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17. Go bowling (and drinking) at Grandview Lanes!

Bowling is always fun and doesn't require planning, reservations or any of that other nonsense. Just grab your BF and go!

18. Grab a couple cones at Vancouver's first Ice Cream Dippery.

If your girl likes trendy AF dates, take her to this dippery for some ice cream!

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19. Taste test some beers at 33 acres.

Order a beer flight at this brewery and challenge your BF to a taste test! It's a cute and easy date idea!