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19 "Hidden" Cafes In Vancouver You And Your BFF Absolutely Need To Discover This Summer

How do we take our coffee here at Narcity? Milk? Sugar? How about seriously. Very seriously. When you get past the imminent need for caffeine, you actually realize the delicate art behind coffee. Once you begin to look past the double doubles and pumpkin spice lattes (which totally don't count as real coffee), you get to experience the taste and process behind it. 

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Not only the taste, but visiting a different cafe is an experience in itself. Perhaps you've never realized the underwhelming value of coffee shops. Got a first date? Coffee shop. Catching up with an old friend? Coffee shop. Business lunch or interview? You get the idea. So make sure you're well stocked and write some of these down: here are 19 hidden cafes that you must discover! 

1. Republica Coffee Roasters // 321 W Pender St

With coffee home-roasted in Fort Langley, this charming shop just opened their second location in Gastown! This is the spot to go if you love great coffee and lots of plants for the Insta.

2. Eve // 1060 Park Royal South 

A surprisingly quaint coffee shop in Simon's, try their french-inspired fare in-between trying on shoes and outfits. 

3. S'Wich Cafe // 644 Queensbury Ave

Famous for their creative sandwiches, their coffee is a definite winner as well. Be sure to check out their sister restaurant Blvd Bistro while you're there! 

4. Honolulu Coffee // 888 Nelson St

Featuring Konu coffee blended from Hawaii, the unique taste and island decor will be sure to set you on island time. 

5. Bel Cafe // 801 W Georgia St

Featuring specialty coffees and food inspired by famous chef David Hawksworth, Bel Cafe will never disappoint! 

6. The Mighty Oak // 198 W 18th Ave

This adorable coffee shop doubles as a boutique grocery store! Charming decor and selection, mixed with good food and great coffee make this a must-visit! 

7. Cacao 70 // 1047 Denman St

Let's push the coffee beans aside for the moment. This place is for the chocolate lovers, your sweet tooth can finally rest happy. 

8. Kafka's Coffee and Tea // 2525 Main St

The coolest thing about this place is three different brewing methods: pourover, syphon and espresso to give you the ultimate coffee experience. 

9. Moja Coffee // 1412 Rupert St and 1102 Commercial Dr

Locally roasted in the North Shore, Moja also features Erin Ireland's "To Die For" banana bread and lemon loaf. 

10. Le Marche St. George // 4393 St George St

Le Marche St. George is an adorable home turned into general store and cafe. Try their chai latte and stay for the warm and cozy atmosphere. 

11. Pallet Coffee // 323 Semlin Dr

Pallet Coffee focuses on delivering amazing coffee blended in Vancouver. Their attention to detail and focus on their craft is unwavering. 

12. Aubade Coffee //  230 E Pender St

Hidden in an antique shop within Chinatown, Aubade Coffee serves nothing but dairy free milk and plant based pastries!

via @sophiadelafontaine

13. Crema // 1495 Bellevue Ave

If you enjoy frequently a cuppa at Revolver in Gastown, you're going to love Crema. The sons of Crema's owner actually opened Revolver, so you know Crema's the real OG.


14. Him & I // #136-1153 High St.

An adorable little coffee shop hidden on the side of a strip mall, Him & I Cafe has the cutest atmosphere as a study spot or for a coffee date.

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15. Fondway // 4462 Beresford Way

Matcha snacks, matcha drinks, and an adorable coffee shop environment to matcha. You have to try the Matcha Espresso too!

via @sk_foodoholic

16. Standing Egg // 109-4501 North Rd

Standing Egg is known for their adorable interior and even more adorable coffee art. Is that a floating polar bear in the latte above? Why yes, yes it is.

via @sunni_chen

17. The BUZZ Cafe // 901 Homer St

The BUZZ Cafe is a coffee shop hidden in one of Vancouver's oldest art galleries. With an artsy hipster vibe, you'll be sure to appreciate the art and the espresso.

via @_leighalfred

18. Musette Caffé // 1325 Burrard St

If you're not an avid biker, you might not know of Musette Caffé. Located on the south end of Burrard, this bike-friendly cafe also offers bike tours and rentals!

via @slpyjtlovehuanhuan

19. Choco Coo Cafe // #C-501 North Rd

If you love all matcha everything and still haven't heard of Choco Coo, you definitely live under a rock. With matcha lattes, matcha lava cake, layer cake and more, they will defs satisfy your green craving.

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