19 Junk Foods In Vancouver To Indulge In Because You Don't Need That #SummerBod Anymore

We know you worked so damn hard for your summer body all spring long, and you did a freaking good job of keeping it up throughout all of June, July, and August. But summer is over and you can finally stop sucking in your stomachs at the beach and let it allllll hang out in your baggy knit sweater.

You deserve to treat yo'self with all the comforting junk food you've stayed away from this summer. This list is an ode to fall and all the yummy food you can finally indulge in.

From mac n' cheese hot dogs to fries wrapped in a burrito, get ready for a whole lot of carb loading! 

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1. California Burrito at Chronic Tacos // Various Locations

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2. Golden Mantou with Matcha Condensed Milk at Heritage Asian Eatery // 1108 W Pender St

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3. Matt + She's Mac and Cheese Hot Dog at What's up? Hot Dog! // 2481 E Hastings

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4. Build Your Own BBQ Platter at Dixie's BBQ // 337 E Hastings

We recommend getting the fried chicken...it's sooooo good.

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5. Free Fall Potato Chips at Per Se Social Corner // 891 Homer St

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6. Cinnamon Buns at Grounds For Coffee // 2565 Alma St

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7. Roast Duck Pancakes at Fable Diner // 151e E Broadway

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8. New England Clam Chowder at Crab Park Chowdery // 221 Abbott St

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9. Grilled Cheese at Chachi's Metrotown // 4820 Kingsway

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10. Spicy Korean Fried Chicken at Maru Korean Bistro // 125 2nd St E

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11. Fried Chicken and Waffles at Chewies Oyster Bar // 1055 W Hastings and 2201 W 1st Ave

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12. The White Cheese Pie Pizza at Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizza // 350 Robson St and 3-701 Kingsway

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13. Linguine Alla Carbonara at Anton's Pasta Bar // 4360 Hastings S

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14. Spam Musubi at Oka-san Kitchen // 3578 Fraser St

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15. Memphis Feast Platter at Memphis Blues BBQ // Various Locations

Includes BBQ chicken, ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, rib ends, double smoked farmer sausage, coleslaw, potato salad, fries, bbq beans and cornbread.

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16. Nacho Barrel at Craft Beer Market // 85 W 1st Ave

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17. Donuts at Harmony Donut Shop // 2945 Lonsdale Ave

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18. Cali Style Fries at Cali Burger // 830 Thurlow St

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19. Kamayan Platter at Bao Down Gastopub and Raw Bar // 115 W 2nd Ave

Includes huli huli chicken, mushrooms, pork belly lechon, braised beef short rib, fried chicken, vegetables, rice, salad, and lumpia...damn.

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