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19 Little Things That Make The Holidays In Vancouver So Magical

Love is all in the details.
19 Little Things That Make The Holidays In Vancouver So Magical

You guys, Christmas is literally just a little over 10 days away and I'm freaking out. There are so many Christmasy things to do in the city that I can't even. But what exactly is it about the holidays in Vancouver that makes it so special?

It's not just the the lights, the festive cookies and drinks, and the markets, it's not just the holiday parties, the decorations or even the people. If I'm being honest, I think it's all of those little things combined that makes Christmas so special. It's a celebration of life and love in literal translation into tangible things that we can see, smell and feel, like the trees and lights and heart-warming festive foods.

There are so many things to love about the holidays and if you love it just as much as I do, then I think you'll relate to this list. These are the 19 little things that make the holidays so magical in Vancouver.

1. Sharing mulled wine with your fave human beings at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

2. Taking cute pictures with bae at the Nordstrom light dome.

3. When your transit to work feels like a transit to the North Pole.

4. Riding on the Bright Nights Train in Stanley Park.

5. Getting holiday tipsy at Reflections Bar Holiday Pop Up.

6. All of the glowing lights that twinkle along Robson St.

7. The way that coffee shops feel extra cozy during the winter time.

8. Walking through the enchanting light tunnel at The Peak Of Christmas.

9. Cuddling up to with a cup of dark and stormy at The Black Lodge.

10. Walking past the 76-foot tall Christmas tree at the Vancouver Art Gallery at night.

11. Snowshoeing through the snow-capped Dog Mountain.

12. Driving by the Lights of Hope lights display at St. Paul's Hospital.

13. Downing a moose mug of Cog Nog at YEW Restuarant + Bar.

14. Not being able to get enough of the stunning lights at VanDusen Garden.

15. Finding the perfect Christmas tree to bring home to your living room.

16. Ice skating through the crowds at Robson Square.

17. Strolling through Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

18. Low key, getting your favourite holidays drink at Starbucks.

19. Staying at home and spending time with your bae, your pet baby, your family, your BFF, and/or your roommate all day long.

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