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19 Struggles Only People From West Vancouver Understand

Because West Vancouver and Vancouver West just ain't the same.

Growing up in West Vancouver, we are quite a privileged bunch. We live in the most expensive real estate, we get to feast our eyes on the most gorgeous views, we are sheltered in one of the safest neighbourhoods, and we have one of the best pie shops in Vancouver.

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But just as the First World's got it's own problems, so does West Van. Whether you grew up in West Van, still live in West Van, or recently moved to West Van, you will probably relate to some of these "struggles".

And if you don't, you clearly haven't lived in the bubble long enough.

1. Going to Park Royal and not knowing how to get around anymore.

All this new construction. And seriously, you're going to make us shop Raincouver? Uhm, what?

2. When you have to drive all the way to Fresh Street because Extra Foods closed down, and the new grocery store at Park Royal North is taking 5eva to build.

Malls were built for convenience. I don't understand this new BS.

3. Taking 1,000,000 hours to drive into downtown during rush hour.

Taylor Way though. We feel you.

4. Or trying to get on a bus into downtown with 1,000,000 other people during rush hour.

All sweat, no glory.

5. Trying to find a spot to tan at Ambleside and awkwardly seeing practically everyone you know at the beach.

Personal space. Can I please just get some personal space?

6. Casually "picking up a few things" at Whole Foods, and racking up your grocery bill to $100. And you only bought like 5 things!

But that organic, vegan friendly, gluten free, fat free chocolate cake looked so good!

7. Trying to hit up 7/11 at 1am for a late night snack, and realizing that the 7/11 in West Van is the ONLY 7/11 on this planet that is not open 24 hrs.

Thanks West Van bylaws, thanks.

8. And then be completely confused by the fact that, however, MacDonald's can be open around the clock.

At least MacDonald's got life figured out.

9. Living in West Van your entire life and still not really knowing how to navigate yourself around the BP's.

You get most of it, but damn it's just so...complicated!

10. The rivalry between West Van and Sentinel was real.

Oh yes, and of course, Rockridge.

11. And then there's the Mulgrave vs. Collingwood rivalry.

Private school kids.

12. Missing the BP's bus and having to wait an entire half hour for the next one.

What is wrong with our bus system?!

13. Bumping into everyone from your old high school at Tap House.

It's the West Van bubble, guys. It never leaves you.

14. Having everyone from outside of West Van tell you that you live in a bubble.

Yes, we are aware. We know you wish you were in it too.

15. Having to clarify that you're from "West Vancouver", not "Vancouver West"

Two different worlds, guys.

16. And then sometimes having the tendency to say that you're from the "North Shore" to avoid judgement.

I don't get why West Vancouverites get so much shade? Ya'll just haters.

17. Relating to practically everything on West Vancouver Problem's Tumblr page.

Somebody seriously needs to start posting on that Tumblr again. Twas the shit.

18. Not being able to get a seat at Savary Island.

Probably the best thing to happen to Marine Drive, ever.

19. Trying to work out at West Van Rec, but literally everyone from your high school works out there.

Damn. Go to Hollyburn or something.

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