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19 Super Talented Vancouver Photographers That Are Killing The Instagram Game

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19 Super Talented Vancouver Photographers That Are Killing The Instagram Game

Vancouver is officially a photography mecca. I'm sure you already knew that, but in case you didn't, now you know. Photographers from all over BC move to our beautiful city so that they can take seriously epic photos and share them with their followers.

We have the mountain ranges, rushing rivers, lush forests and skyscrapers. It's a photographer's paradise. But it doesn't stop there, in the city we have street photographers, amateur photographers, wedding photographers and even food photographers. If you have Instagram and you need to update your feed, we've surely got something for you listed below.

I personally follow all of these accounts, so I know they are definitely #instaworthy. If you find your feed to be a bit lacking, then you should check out these super talented Vancouver photographers! Maybe it'll even inspire you to spice up your own photos!

Duykhanh Tran // @backyy

Duykhanh was born on the east coast but now he lives on the west coast, and he's been Instagramming our beautiful city nonstop. He is a self-proclaimed iPhone photographer, which I love. If you like the nature vs city Instagram vibes, you will love his feed.

John Yoo // @iamjohnyoo

John is a professional wedding photographer, but I follow him on his personal page. He has the perfect mix of photos there. He posts a plethora of pleasing photos and follows a gorgeous seasonal theme. His current photos at Canyon Lights have been unreal, and definitely, put me in a holiday mood.

Dorrington Reid // @dorringtonr

Dorrington doesn't claim to be a photographer, simply a "guy with an iPhone", but I had to add him in here. His food shots are unbeatable, and his feed has a great mix of photos. If you love good food, style and minimal aesthetics, you need to follow Dorrington right now.

Amrin Prasad // @amrinprasad

If I were to describe Amrin's feed in one word, it would be vibey. Once you check out his account, you'll get what I mean. His photos are usually taken from extreme heights but the vibes are super chill. I think it's the mellow purple and orange undertones that make his feed calming.

Aileen Choi // @aileenchoiphoto

Aileen is a Vancouver based photographer that focuses on weddings and portraits. In her bio, she describes herself as "documenting love, people and life as we know it". You can actually feel the love when you look at all of the happy couples on her feed. Her photos just make you feel good!

Ash // @lensodyssey

Ash doesn't have a bio on his Instagram, his last name isn't even included but I like to think that's because he'd rather have his photos do the talking. His moody shots are eloquent and raw at the same time. If you love night shots and city lights, definitely follow Ash.

Geoffrey // @ggeoffreyy

Geoffrey is a Vancouver based photographer that loves the risky shots. A lot of his photos have a theme of symmetry which is incredibly pleasing to the eye. He also posts a ton of photos from the tops of buildings, which is amazing because I could never imagine climbing that high. If I can't do it myself, it's nice to enjoy the view via someone else's gram.

Julian Plimley // @julian_plimley

Julian creates pieces that focus on street, landscape and architecture. If you live in Vancouver, then you're probably interested in all of those things. His photos show you a different, more beautiful side of very ordinary Vancouver settings.

Brie and Reuben // @vancitywild

You've probably heard of them because they have a huge following - But if you haven't, you need to follow them right now. This dynamic duo has taken over the Vancouver PNW photography scene. They take incredible photos during all of their west coast adventures.

Sharon N // @sk_foodoholic

This Vancouver based food photographer is the best in the biz. If you want to know which new restaurant is the best, or you just love to check out new spots you have to follow Sharon. Her feed will give you serious food inspo.

Oliver Rabanes // @oliverrabanes

Oliver is a wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver! His following might not be as big as some of the other names on this list, but his photos speak volumes. He's incredibly talented and his engagement shoots are so romantic. If you're getting engaged, you will definitely want Oliver shooting the whole thing.

Chloe Ann // @chloeyvr

Chloe claims to only be aphotographer by hobby, but she's extremely talented! She travels a ton so if you can't afford to jet off every month, you can follow Chloe on her adventures instead. Her feed is really well rounded, there are photos of the city, herself, fashion and even some styled flat lays.

Miranda Hudson // @hudsonny

If you're into monochromatic feeds, Miranda is your lady. Follow her for awesome pics from all over Vancouver. Her photos all follow a similar theme and will definitely inspire you to get out of the house and enjoy all of the cute cafes that Vancouver has to offer.

Tony // @amk_images_

Tony's photos are comprised of cityscapes at night. His photos have an awesome grungey feel to them that make you kinda scared but inspired at the same time. He also has some amazing long exposure shots.

Rachel Barkman // @rachelbarkman

Rachel specializes in wedding, portrait and commercial photography. She takes really gorgeous shots outside of the city that leave her followers awestruck. If you're not outdoorsy that's fine, her feed will make you want to grab your coat and adventure all across the west coast.

Dylaina Gollub // @dylainagollubphotography

Dylaina is a super talented lifestyle photographer based in the Lower Mainland. She does everything from romantic weddings photos, creepy Halloween themed photoshoots to editorial portraits. Basically, she can do it all.

Brandon Lee // @brandon_y_lee

Brandon is a cinematographer and photographer that works for Linus Media Group. If you're interested in having your own personal photoshoot, you need to look him up! These are the most gorgeous portraits you've ever seen.

Vixxi Pix // @vixxi

Vixxi's photos are true artistry. Her bio includes a quick line that reads, "She's sunshine mixed with a little hurricane" and I think this fits her photography perfectly. Her photos almost always contain a strong contrast, the colours are vivid and you can feel emotion through the landscape. It's super moody, and I love it.

Kourtni Martina // @northkourt

Kourtni may not be from Vancouver, but we had to include her. If you follow her on Instagram you'll quickly figure that out that she's from northern BC. She posts amazing shots out in wild that include landscapes, mountains, flowing rivers and even the Northern Lights!

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