On Monday, a special avalanche warning was issued for several regions of Canada, due to the warm weather. Around this time of year, especially after significantly cold temperatures, the recent warm weather can cause melting and therefore, sudden avalanches across Canada. Now, after the special warning was issued, two avalanches were reported at a local ski resort in BC

On Monday, March 18 a Special Public Avalanche Warning was issued by Avalanche Canada, who partners with Parks Canada to help ensure the public's safety.

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This is extremely important for locals to know which areas are at risk, especially during hiking, ski and snowboarding season. As the weather gets better, more people are finding themselves enjoying the mountains and may not be aware of the risks.

Unfortunately, as Avalanche Canada predicted, there were two surprising small avalanches that occurred at SilverStar ski resort in BC yesterday. On Thursday, the resort confirmed that two avalanches occurred on Wednesday. 

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They say that the first avalanche occurred around 12 PM on a double black diamond ski run. This area is known as the Putnam Creek area that is on the rear side of the resort. They also reported that a 42-year-old man was airlifted from the mountain and taken to Kelowna General Hospital.

The second avalanche occurred two hours later around 2 PM. This one occurred on a black diamond run along the "Face" of the resort. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries in connection to the second small avalanche. 

The resort confirmed that the front side of the resort is open while the backside, where the man was seemingly injured, will remain closed.

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As we previously reported, many areas in BC are affected by the Special Avalanche Warning. It's important to educate yourself before heading out to the slopes on which areas could potentially see an avalanche during this time of year.

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Here's a map that shows all of the areas in western Canada that are under the special public avalanche warning.

Source: Global News