Two Cruise Ships Crashed In A Canadian Harbour And The Entire Thing Was Caught On Video

That was a close call.
Two Cruise Ships Crashed In A Canadian Harbour And The Entire Thing Was Caught On Video
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Vacationers were treated to a scare over the weekend when two large cruise ships collided with one another. On Saturday, May 4, 2019, passengers aboard two Holland America Line cruise ships collided in Canada Place in the Vancouver Harbour. Thankfully, no one was reported injured. The entire incident was caught on camera and we have found the footage to share with you. 

According to KelownaNow, the incident took place at around 6:50 AM. Oosterdam, one of the two ships, was in the process of docking into the ship terminal when the incident occurred. That is when it collided with Nieuw Amsterdam, the other ship, while docking. 

The crash was caught on video and posted on Youtube by an account called Ham Sterdam. In the video, you can see the person panning across the Vancouver harbour. Before you know what’s going on, you can hear a large scrapping noise. When the video pans to the cruise ships, you can see several people peaking out of their cabins trying to investigate what is going on. 

While the collision was minor, it did create quite a scare. In the video, you can see people stationed at the top deck of the boat running away once they realize what is happening. 

Although you can't see the damage in the video, several images have been posted online showcasing the aftermath. According to the pictures, you can see the ledge of multiple cabin decks is completely gone. The paint is also chipped away in several spots along with the siding of the boat. 

No injuries were reported after the collision. The boats, on the other hand, did acquire some injuries. Six staterooms on the rear of New Amsterdam now require repairs as a result. Both boats sustained damages that were well above the waterline, which means they aren’t unfit for travel.

Despite the scary incident, Holland America did not expect any delays to occur. The two ships continued their sailings as scheduled and the Oosterdam was set to sea overnight where it went to Seattle. The Neil Amsterdam was also sent out for a seven-day Alaskan cruise. 

Stephanie Hilash
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