20 Of Vancouver’s Best Make-Up Artists

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20 Of Vancouver’s Best Make-Up Artists

There is certainly no shortage of beautiful people in Vancouver and we probably have all of these talented make-up artists to thank for that. I'm useless when it comes to make-up but thankfully these ladies (and gent) are masters of the art and many of them have Youtube tutorials to help you get those fleeky eyebrows and the perfect contour you desire.

The make-up game is changing and becoming more and more cut throat and these MUAs have what it takes to be some of the top artists in their field. 

Here is a list of 20 of Vancouver's best Make-up Artists:

Rachael Avery // Hair and Make-Up Artist

Samantha Ravndhal // Freelance MUA

Ana V // Founder and Educator of AVB Boutique Beauty School

Carole Methot // Freelance MUA

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Natascha Pederson // MUA

Teresea Hornacek // Freelance MUA

Micah Gilbert // Celebrity hair and Makeup Artist

Kym Davidson // Owner of Swank Make-up

Jasmine Hoffman // Wedding Make-up Specialist

Jess and Pam // Founders of Mirror Mirror Make Up

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Jessica Noujiem // Artist

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Jaden Sware-Stevenson // MUA & esthetician @Beautyby.Jaden

Denean Dale // MUA and Youtube Blogger

Shayna Coumont // MUA , hairstylist & esthetician

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Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick // MUA at @Nobasura_Clubhouse

Vanessa Westerager // Pro MUA & Salon Coordinator at Nadia Albano Style Inc.

Reena Girn // MUA

Farah Hasan // International Hair and Make-up Artist

Sydney Thornton // MUA

Britta Nitychoruk // MUA

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