Vancouver can’t hide from the fuck boy. They are everywhere, in fact one is probably sitting within 10 feet of you right now. Lets be honest, we all know a fuck boy or two and as fun as it can be to watch them in action it's never a good thing to be the girl dating one.

Ladies, don't be fooled by their trendy exterior or fresh fades. If you think your man is showing signs of fuck boy syndrome it might be time to cut him loose. So read over this list and re-evaluate your relationship.

Here are 20 signs bae is probably a Class A Vancouver fuck boy:

1. He shops exclusively at Livestock

And uses daddy’s credit card even though he claims he is self-made.

2. His Facebook is a museum where club photos go to die

And he updates it regularly.

3. He parties at L.E.D every Wednesday

And uses the hashtag #reuptrippyshit on all his photos and snaps, just incase you forgot after the first three.

4. He is a promoter for some club on Granville St

If he said "I work for the club, but they pay me to party" when you met, what he really meant was "I hand out tickets on Granville street." And no, he doesn't get a free tab at the bar.

5. He stood in line overnight for hours for a pair of Yeezy Boosts

That he religiously wears with one of his many pairs of joggers.

6. He lives in West Vancouver but spends all his time on Granville St

And makes you pick him up at 2am all the time because he is too drunk to drive home.

7. His favorite rapper is Drake

He knows all the words to Hot Line Bling and reads Drake lyrics like the Bible.

8. Chances are he still has a man bun

Or some grown out version of what used to be a man bun. Do him a favour and recommend a visit to his barber friend in Gastown.

9. He still has Tinder and Bumble

Even though you have been dating for a month now.

10. He works at one of those trendy bars on Granville

And hangs out there even when he is not working.

11. He parties at the club every weekend

Because he suffers from a severe case of fomo.

12. He only calls you after 2am

Not only is he a fuck boy but he clearly only wants to see you naked.

13. He shares custody of his tiny dog with his ex girlfriend

They each have a schedule posted on their fridge of who has the dog each week and they chat regularly about the dog as if it were their child.

14. He is constantly posting bathroom selfies on Instagram

Just dump him now. Please.

15. Your first date was drinking Grolsh tall cans in the park near your house

Chances are he wasn't sure if you were cool enough to be seen with him yet.

16. He buys bottles every weekend at the club but asks you to split the bill at dinner

He is more concerned with impressing his friends then spending money on you.“You got this, right babe?

17. You met him on Tinder

Ladies, have you not learnt your lesson about tinder yet?

18.  His t-shirts are longer then your dresses

Good new for you because that means your summer wardrobe just doubled. Long tees and Nikes all summer long!

19. It takes him days to respond to a text

And when he finally does his response is always “Sorry just saw this”.

Gif cred - @Giphy

20. His only dance move is the Dab

It was cute at first but now you avoid him at all costs on the dance floor.

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