20 Things You Didn't Know About UBC

And if you don't know, now you know.

Aside from being the University of choice for over 60 thousand students, UBC wears many hats, including being the scene for many different big picture movies and TV shows. UBC has also watched many of their graduates become huge stars and political mavericks. So wether you're an alumnus or searching for schools to attend, here is a list of things you might not know about UBC.

1. UBC is Canada first fair trade university - 8,975kg of fair trade coffee is consumed on campus each year.

2. Evangeline Lily, the star of Lost, Hurt Locker and The Hobbit films graduated with a degree in international relations from UBC.

3. Smallville was filmed on the UBC campus.

4. David Suzuki is the reason why UBC has a pub.

5. The UBC skatepark was the first campus skatepark in North America.

6. The Museum of Anthropology is home to the First Nations carving that is featured on the $20 bill.

7. Tiny mirrors on the side of the Bio-Science building bounce sunlight into the building to provide overhead lighting.

8. Juno award winner Dan Mangan graduated with a BA in 2006.

9. Kim Campbell graduated with a BA in political sciences from UBC.

10. The Exorcism of Emily Rose was filmed on campus.

11. George F.G. Stanley, the designer of the Canadian Flag taught at UBC.

12. UBC is home to the Greater Vancouver Area's first multi-family residential compost program.

13. The Nitobe Garden on campus is one the most authentic Japanese gardens in North America and it was designed to look like a map of the Milky Way.

14. Paralympian Rick Hansen was the first student with a physical disability to graduate from PhysEd at UBC.

15. The sororities at UBC conduct the largest and most successful recruitment in all of Canada. Over 400 women joined last year.

16. The earliest cheerleaders at UBC were all male and were known as yell leaders. The chief yell leader was the Yell King.

17. In the 1940’s there was a student Jokers Club on campus.

18. Prime Minister John Turner graduated from UBC and was on student council as Coordinator of Activities during his time there.

19. Their motto "Tuum Est" translates to "It is yours, its up to you."

20. UBC has over 306,000 alumni in 140 different countries.