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21 Insane Things You Must Do If You're Only Going To Be In Vancouver For 24 Hours This Summer

So you’ve only got 24 hours in Vancouver. No, you’re not Kiefer Sutherland but you can pretend that you are, it’s okay! I digress… you have 24 hours in Vancouver to explore the most insane things that the city has to offer. What do you do? 

The city can be a lot to explore in one go. There’s so much more to Vancouver than just food, even though, okay, that part is super important. There are so many other ways to get your jollies on then jump to the next. You can do it. You’ve been hopped up on 5-hour energy all damn day! 

You’re going to be able to find insane things in every part of the city on any day of the week. Don’t tell me you left your game face at home. Shy people need not apply. I know there are 1001 amazing things to do in the city and you're going to want to do them all. You already know you can't. It's okay. Don't stress out.  The list below is meant to help you sort through the city on any given day. Just passing through? Here for a week? I've got you covered. 

This is just my opinion, you know, as a local born and raised in the city, that's all... but feel free to mix and match ideas that best suit your personal style, taste, and choose your own adventure. Trust me, if you hit anything on this list you're guaranteed to have an INSANE time in Vancouver!! 

Click below to explore each day and play a little roulette of which insanely cool thing there is to do in Vancouver! 

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1.Enjoy Brunch At Yolks.

One of Vancouver's most coveted brunch spots and the place to be if you have been looking forward to lining up and standing before a hot and delicious meal. Don't want to line up? Find the Yolks food truck around the city and get your truffle fry benny today! 

2. Go On A Craft Brewery Tour 

There are so many craft breweries in Vancouver but you can find most of them in East Vancouver. Spend your afternoon walking or biking around the most hipster part of town and pick your favourite combination for a customized flight. Make it a game by rating each place! 

3. Enjoy a cocktail at The Keefer Bar

Have a great cocktail at the best mixology bar in Chinatown. Even The Keefer Bar's waiting area is lit. Literally. Sit at a table outside with a fireplace that pokes out from the centre of the table. 

Things To Do On A Tuesday 


 1. Enjoy Brunch at 33 Acres

Not your average brewery. 33 Acres arguably does the best brunch that you can find while filling up your growler for the park. Enjoy a benny on a waffle and wash it down with a glass of the Sunshine ale. 

2. Hunt Down Super Hipster Treats at 17°C Dessert Café

Think bright! Slug down a sweet treat from a light bulb or try balled up watermelon right from the skin. 17°C Dessert Café has all the hipster treats you can conjure up and that are perfect to post on IG! 

3. 'Lettuce' enjoy a meal at Burdock + Co

Come experience fine dining in East Vancouver. Burdock + Co takes that laid back Mount Pleasant vibe and turns it on its head with beautiful plating, high quality ingredients, and style.  


1. Enjoy Brunch At Red Wagon

YUM. Red Wagon gives you classic brunch specials in an East Van diner setting. Their All-Day menu means you get to enjoy breakfast classics like mimosas and Baileys buttermilk pancakes and eggs benedict, all day long! 

2. Grab a coffee and some donuts from 49th Parallel

Lucky's donuts is a must have if you only have 24 hours in Vancouver. The donut shop tied to 49th Parallel is worth lining up for. With flavours from Earl Grey Lavender to Salted Caramel (and don't discredit it, it's oh so delicious).

3. Cruise Around The Harbour On The Aquabus

Departures vary depending on the destination but you can cruise along the harbour as late as 10:30 PM on some routes. Take a "midnight" boat ride through the city and explore another side of Vancouver under the stars. 

Things To Do On A Thursday  


1. Enjoy Brunch At Jam Cafe

Hailing from Victoria, Jam Cafe has opened its doors in Vancouver and if the island hippies are waiting in a line for pulled pork pancakes then you should be too. Let them take you on a total journey through Southern Comfort with their biscuits and gravy and fried chicken. 


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2. Rent Tandem Bikes at Spokes.

Probably the most touristy thing you can do in Vancouver. Take a bike ride along the gorgeous seawall stretch and make it a tandem trip because why the fvck not? Spokes on Denman is the place to get your rental unless you're that hardcore person who travels with your bike...


3. Visit Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

Peace. Serenity. Calm. Enter, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. Located in the heart of China Town (because, duh) is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy Vancouver streets. You can wander the garden on your own or book a tour (see website for tour dates). 

Things To Do On A Friday  


1. Hair of the Dog on the Refections Patio

If you're feeling like shit from your hangover then head to Reflections and combine class and style with your headache to fancy up your nausea. Who says that just because you had a late night that you can't rally in style at this gorgeous patio. Throw on your best patio-chic and soak up some Vitamin D. 


2. Grab Some Tacos at Gringo.  

Yes, I'm still thinking about food, and you should be too. You're in the foodie capital of Canada. Gringo, is the vibrant hole in the wall that you might miss if you're head down passing through the alley. Let the fluorescent lights lead you to the colourful taco shop in Gastown for some cheap treats and good vibes. 


3. Share A Voodoo Bowl At The Shameful Tiki

Granted you get a table, The Shameful Tiki is the place to slam down a few ounces of booze with a couple of pals. Voodoo and Volcano bowls come with smoke and a gong blast. Seriously, don't even go if you're not going for a bowl and quit wasting everyone's time. 

Things To Do On A Saturday  


1. Enjoy Brunch At Medina Cafe.

You've heard the rumours, and they're all true. If you don't go to Medina Cafe did you even visit Vancouver? The answer is no. You haven't experienced shit until you eat some fried eggs out of a cast iron skillet, because there's legit nothing more Vancouver than that. 


2. Go Explore The Bloedel Conservatory

You will likely be told by someone to check out Queen Elizabeth park while you're in Vancouver so you might as well pay the $6.50 admission to get inside The Bloedel Conservatory. Inside the orb are lush plant life and all kind of exotic birds. Even a parrot who will say hello to you. 


3. Get drunk at The Famous Warehouse

The place to find a $5 menu and bartenders who's sole purposes are to make you drink until you're stumbling home at 3 AM. This little gem is your escape from "the Granville bars" while remaining on Granville Street. Bonus: it features a secret hole in the floor that looks down on some truly unique Vancouver scenes. Peek if you dare. 

Things To Do On A Sunday   


1. Enjoy Brunch at BLVD Bistro

Finish off the week strong with a meal on the Northshore. Gluten Free and Vegan options are always available at BLVD Bistro so your picky mom or your sister who follows a new diet trend every week can be happy at this spot. 


2. Go Ziplining at Grouse Mountain

Spend your afternoon swinging from trees and feel the wind in your hair as you Zipline at the Peak of The Northshore Grouse Mountain. Exhilarate yourself and take that shot of well-needed adrenaline. Bonus: if you hike the mountain first you can be that much more hardcore. 


3. Enjoy A Drink At Pier 7

Take down the week with a drink at one of the most beautiful patios in North Vancouver. Sit along the waterfront and enjoy their Happy Hour (every day between 3PM-6PM and 9PM until close). 

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