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21 Signs You Grew Up In East Van

Commercial Drive 4 life.

There's just something about people who grew up in East Vancouver. Maybe it has something to do with the natural aroma of weed thats always in the air. Or maybe it's the fact that they are just so damn proud of where they are from, whatever it is, I dig it.

I am a very proud East Van resident for many reasons. East Van is culturally diverse, its residents know more about Vancouver history then anyone and they celebrate that by hosting street festivals and various to showcase cultures and artists from around the world. East Van is also the neighbourhood of choice for many talented young artists, not to mention the cheaper rent makes it a pretty desirable place to live.

Shout out to East Van! Here are 21 signs you grew up in the hood.

1. You have an East Van tattoo

If you have an East Van better be from East Van.

2. You hung out at Garden park

Where you drank beers, smoked weed, and on Halloween you set off bottle rockets and Roman Candles to celebrate.

3.  You attended Parade of  The Lost Souls every year as a kid

You loved to dress up and paint skeletons on your face.

4. You frequently ate late night meals at Bino's, Tops or Gourmet Castle

And you were pretty bummed when Gourmet Castle closed.

5. You know what Leeside is even if you don't skate

Its a pretty important place in East Van, and it's also just really cool.

 6. You always have a bag of weed in your pocket

But if your out, any of your friends will have some.

7. You know the smell of Commercial and Hastings

Nothing like the smell of a mid-city chicken processing plant to get your day started.

 8. You know the difference between East Van and the East End

Commercial Drive area is considered the East end, being opposite of the West End.

9. You were totally prepared for 2011 riots after your experience with the 1994 Stanley Cup riot

And by totally prepared I mean you were downtown and had your camera ready.

10. You own a Ken Foster

You bought it off him one night after the club at 3am.

11. You played Ching, Chang, Push as a kid

And you may have only recently learned that everyone outside of East Van calls it "Rock, Paper, Scissors."

12. You regularly ate at Bao Chau

And you probably still go there for the chicken pho.

13. You were devastated to learn that Aida's, your favorite place to buy candy after school, closed down

Aida was the bomb, she always hooked you up with candy.

14. As a kid you played video games at Lusitania

You had to do something to pass the time while waiting on the number 20 bus.

15. Not only did you religiously eat the $2.95 breakfast at Bons

...but you also hung out there on Tuesday nights and drank $2 beers because they didn't check IDs.

16. You've attended the original Italian days

And you still call the drive little Italy.

17. You would eat at Duffins donuts for every meal if you could

Mmm. That fried chicken though.

18. You laugh when people ask you if Main and Hastings is dangerous

You're from East Van...a couple of junkies don't scare you.

19. You hung out at Joe's Cafe

Where you played video games and perfected your pool game.

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20. You have mixed feelings about the East Van sign on Clark and E 6th

Love it or hate it.

 21. You know that Pho Bich Nga was a Vietnamese place on Kingsway

And you're pretty sad it closed.

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