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21 Things To Do At The PNE You Have To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

We're not just talking about the mini donuts.
21 Things To Do At The PNE You Have To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

It's perhaps one of the most exciting parts of summer. One of the best day trips anybody from near or far can make. The rollercoaster seems faster, the hellivator looks higher, the games look even more rigged - but you'll still play anyways. The mini donuts smell that much stronger and reek into your clothes for days after and... did the lines get longer? 

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With Playland just opened, and the PNE not far behind, there's a lot to look forward to! The old rides that everyone knows and loves, and even some new ones! Rain or shine (hopefully the latter), Playland and the Fair at the PNE is a must-have on your summer bucket list. So to help out, we've concocted a list of must-dos to get excited for! 

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1. Ride the Beast once (or more!) without losing your lunch. 

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2. Or maybe the Wave Swinger for a less...traumatizing experience. 

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3. Be notoriously Canadian and get your hands on a Beaver Tail.

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4. Get crafty and try a world of new beers at the Vancouver Craft Beer Week!

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5. You're never too old to try and win a giant stuffed animal. 

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6. Take your caffeine addiction to a new level with Deep Fried Coffee!

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7. Take a napkin (or twelve) and dig into their poutine-stuffed burger!

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8. How could the wooden rollercoaster not make this list? 

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9. Deep fried, meaty and... pickly? Give their pickledog a try. 

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10. It's the tastiest cardio you'll ever have: Sign up for the PNE Donut Dash!

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11. Or stay traditional: Triple O's is a Playland/PNE classic. 

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11. Catch ZZ Top, Mother Mother, High Valley and more at their summer concerts! 

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12. Try one of 36 flavors that Casa Gelato is bringing to the fair! 

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13. Can you get day drunk off these deep-fried tequila shots? You better find out. 

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14. It's a better version of Subway. Cause it's a footlong. But it's a hot dog. 

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15. We all think the games are rigged, but they're fun to play anyways. 

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16. Go for the 6th Annual Rib Fest and get your meat on!

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17. Sign up for the Night Nation Run at the PNE. Half music, half run, all fun. 

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18. No need to decide anymore, you can get mac'n'cheese and a burger all-in-one!

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19. Cool off and see if a mini donut ice pop can live up to its name. 

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20. Get your Tiger Wood on and see which of your friends is best at mini golf. 

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21. Who doesn't like dogs? Grab a pet-lover (or two) and bring them to watch the SuperDogs show! 

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