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21 Ultimate Bucket List Foods In Vancouver You Have To Try This Fall

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21 Ultimate Bucket List Foods In Vancouver You Have To Try This Fall

As much as you love summer, let's be honest, you'd way rather prefer a hefty, cheesy, noodle-y meal over a figure-maintaining protein shake from Glory Juice Co. I'm definitely sad to say goodbye to the sunny skies and warm weather, but am even more brimming with excitement to say hello to all the indulgent food to try in Vancouver this fall.

From cheesy French onion soup and chowder in bread bowls to juicy Korean fried chicken and spicy hot pot meals that could feed an army, I've never been more excited to announce this ultimate bucket list of comforting, fall-vibes inducing foods. Here we go!

1. Army Base Hot Pot at Dolpan Seoul BBQ // 3779 Sexsmith Rd

2. French Onion Soup at Burgoo // Various Locations

3. Matcha Latte with Matcha Cookies at Yama Cafe // 2007 E Hastings St

4. Carbonara Pasta with Poached Egg at Ask for Luigi // 305 Alexander St

5. Baked Mac n' Cheesy at The Wallflower // 2420 Main St

6. Nui Rou Mian (Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup) at Rhinofish // 550 Main St

7. Jubilee Tea Set at TWG // 1070 W Georgia St

8. Chicken Karaage at Guu Garden // M101-888 Nelson St

9. Veggie Tempura Platter at Yuzu Shokutei // 854 Denman St

10. Carrot Cake at Purebread // 159 W Hastings

11. Cheese Soonsal at Big Chicken Town // #130-15280 101 Ave and #15-228 Schoolhouse St

12. Kogi Chicken at Loafe Cafe // 6163 University Blvd

13. Bread Bowl Chowders at Crab Park Chowdery // 221 Abbott St

14. Monte Cristo Cheese Gratan at Ramen Koika // 1231 Davie St

15. Serpent Pizza at Steveston Pizza Co. // #100-3400 Moncton St

16. Tabom Signature at Tabom // C-1046 Austin Ave

17. Peaked Traditional Aussie at Peaked Pies // 975 Denman St

18. Bulgogi Burrito at TAKO // 601 Expo Blvd

19. Jjajangmyun at Hanwoori // 5740 Imperial St

20. Masago de Creamy Spaghetti at Cafe de L'Orangerie // 1320 W 73rd Ave

21. Poutine Breakfast at Linh Cafe // 2836 W 4th Ave 

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