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21 Vancouver Cafe Spots You'll Want On Your Next Instagram Story

Some of us love coffee shops and cafes because we like to get work done with quality caffeine. Some love them because of the baked goods and simply can't seem to get enough of good coffee. And others, well... others like them because they can be aesthetic AF and look amazing on Instagram.

Whatever reason you like coffee shops and cafes, no judgement. There's no harm in going to a coffee shop that not only makes you feel good, but looks good too.

Whether you're a patron of these spots or have never heard of them, they definitely deserve a spot on your next Insta story. Here are 21 Vancouver coffee shops and cafes that you will fall in love with (at least visually speaking).

21. Nectar Juicery

Where: 3633 Main St // South Main

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Why you should go: It's barely that deep into 2018, meaning you can still get on with your resolutions (right?). Nectar Juice offers a selection of healthy, all-natural, organic and deliciously sweet cold pressed juices. Plus, the space is aesthetic AF.

20. La Foret

Where: 6848 Jubilee Ave // Burnaby

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Why you should go: Tropical vibes and coffee is all you need to get you through mid-terms season for students and tax season for those who are adulting. Grab a coffee at the coffee shop with the most chill, holiday atmosphere and get to werk.

19. West Village Cafe

Where: #160-5620 152 St // Surrey

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Why you should go: Who says you have to be in Downtown or Mount Pleasant to experience hip coffee shops? West Village Cafe has become a Surrey fave, as their sandwiches are on point on their shop is perfect for pointing your camera at.

18. Cafe Orso

Where: 4316 Gallant Ave // Deep Cove

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Why you should go: After a refreshing hike up at Quarry Rock, the most satisfying thing to finish off the day is a Honey's donut and a cup of coffee from Cafe Orso. From the seating area to their avocado toast, you'll be busting out the Insta without hesitation.

17. Aperture Coffe Bar

Where: 243 W Broadway // Mount Pleasant

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Why you should go: If you like to sit at coffee shops to read, Aperture is your spot. With an entire mini library wall, calming Jazz music, and a comfy couch that reminds you of your grandma's house, this cafe's relaxing vibes makes for the perfect reading sanctuary.

16. Field & Social

Where: 415 Dunsmuir St // Downtown

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Why you should go: Field & Social is perhaps the only place in the city that can make "uhm, I'd like a salad please" sound cool. With their copper and marble emblazoned kitchen, and of course their selection of organic, locally-sourced, house-made salads, this spot will not only make you look cool, but make you feel good.

15. Gallery Café

Where: 750 Hornby St // Downtown

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Why you should go: A garden sanctuary hidden in plain sight among the towering buildings of downtown Vancouver, Gallery Café is a precious little café spot attached to the Vancouver Art Gallery with a great view of Robson Square. You can go for a coffee, a sweet dessert or even a glass of wine.

14. Yandoux Patisserie

Where: 1731 Manitoba St // Olympic Village

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Why you should go: After a nice stroll around False Creek, nothing satisfies better than afternoon tea with a hot air balloon shaped pastry set stacked with sweets and biscuits. You also definitely have to try their Matcha Opera Cake and their Fleur de Cacao.

13. Caffè Di Beppe

Where: 8 W Cordova St // Gastown

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Why you should go: Caffè di Beppe is one of the newest additions to the Gastown coffee shop scene, and it's definitely made quite an impression. The coffee here is out of this world, as the owners of Revolver are in charge of the espresso bar. But not only is the coffee outstanding, there's also an authentic Italian restaurant hidden behind the cafe! So you can go from morning to afternoon or afternoon to night.

12. Nelson & The Seagull

Where: 315 Carrall St // Gastown

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Why you should go: If you're feeling peckish, then you've got to dip into Nelson and the Seagull's Picnic Board. With a selection of their finest hummus, pesto and chutney, along with their homemade bread, and of course their coffee, Nelson and the Seagull will definitely hit the spot.

11. Birds & The Beets

Where: 55 Powell St // Gastown

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Why you should go: Birds and the Beets is a Gastown favourite. Not only is the coffee good, but so is their elevated avo toast. A huge bonus is that they have plenty of seating and tons of wall outlets, so if you're trying to get sh*t done, this is the spot.

10. Buddhaful Provisions

Where: #102-2120 Dollarton Hwy // North Vancouver

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Why you should go: You've probably seen that one cafe with the adorable indoor swing set all over Instagram - well, this is the spot! Buddhafull not only has a beautiful, zen space, their menu also reflects that serene, purity. With all organic and vegan items, you can feel good about what you're putting in your body. We definitely recommend their smoothies by the way.

9. Moja Coffee

Where: 1102 Commercial Dr // East Vancouver

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Why you should go: Moja is the perfect spot for a chill afternoon with a coffee in hand. The staff are incredibly warm and so is the rustic, homey atmosphere. Moja sources their own beans and roasts them locally at their North Vancouver location, so you know the coffee your drinking is ethically made.

8. Finch's Tea House

Where: 353 W Pender St // Downtown

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Why you should go: If the fact that Cole Sprouse celebrated his birthday here isn't enough of a reason to visit Finch's, their homemade Pear Brie Baguette definitely is. Along with a rustic, grandma's house vibe, this place definitely needs to be on your Insta story.

7. Tacofino Oasis

Where: #122-1050 W Pender St // Coal Harbour

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Why you should go: If you have a craving for tacos but don't want the fuss of a sit-down meal, Tacofino oasis is the spot. Not only are they serving the most amazing tacos in Vancouver, the small bar/cafe space is adorable as heck.

6. Bows X Arrows

Where: 4194 Fraser St // Fraserhood

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Why you should go: This hip coffee shop is everything you've ever wanted in a coffee shop. Good coffee and awesome lighting. The bright open space makes for a perfect spot to grab coffee in the morning, and the ideal place to do some work.

5. The Federal Store

Where: 2601 Quebec St // Mount Pleasant

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Why you should go: There's a reason why a coffee shop has regulars. For some it's the location, but for The Federal Store, it's the friendly staff and owners, great coffee, and omg, their baked goods (to die for!).

4. Elysian Coffee

Where: 1100 Burrard St // Downtown

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Why you should go: Elysian Coffee has a gorgeous new space tucked just beneath the Burrard Hotel and it's aesthetic AF. If you like a street view, their indoor seating space floods right out to the patio, and if you want some privacy, they even have a secret room in the back.

3. Cadeaux Bakery

Where: 172 Powell St // Gastown via

Why you should go: If you need a reason to come to Cadeaux Bakery, please just feast your eyes upon the photo above. This is the only reason you need. Cadeaux bakes some of the most delicious, mouth-watering desserts in Vancouver fresh daily and it's just sitting there waiting for you.

2. Lift Breakfast & Bakery

Where: 101 Lonsdale Ave // North Vancouver

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Why you should go: Lower Lonsdale's Lift Bakery is the perfect spot for a greasy breakfast after a night out. With coffee to wake you up, and housemade bread to carb you up, this homey, rustic cafe will bring a smile to your face.

1. Nemesis Coffee

Where: 302 W Hastings St // Gastown

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Why you should go: A coffee shop that sells Chicken & Grits? Sold. Okay, but besides the chicken and grits, Nemesis is truly a coffee-focused coffee shop that delivers quality in each cup (none of that frappucino nonsense) and has a bright space that is refreshing and welcoming.

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