22 Bucket List Matcha Foods To Try In Vancouver If You Freaking Love Matcha

Ahhhh matcha - there's so matcha to talk about! There's something just so utterly delicious about the flavour of Japanese green tea that words cannot describe. As you can tell, I'm a green tea enthusiast. 🍵😍

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Besides enjoying green tea in liquid form, food genuises all over Vancouver have found ways to infuse the matcha flavour into different delicious food items, like ice cream, frozen yogurt, cake and even fries! And it doesn't stop there.

But there's no point in me telling you about how amazing it is, you should have to see and taste for yourself! Here are 22 bucket list matcha flavoured foods you have to try in Vancouver if you're a matcha addict like myself.

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1. Matcha Mille Crêpe Cake at L'otus Cake Bakery // #103-8580 Cambie Rd.

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2. Match Parfait at Mazazu Crêpe // #3110-4151 Hazelbridge Way

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3. Matcha Soft Serve at Le Tea // #1161-3779 Sexsmith Rd.

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4. Matcha Dusted Fries at TWG Tea Salon // 1070 W Georgia St.

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5. Genmaicha Oreo Sandwich at Mister // 1141 Mainland St.

Availability dependent on daily batch selection.

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6. Matcha Parfait with Taro Ice Cream at Shishinori // 2328 Cambie St.

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7. Matcha Mochi Toast at Midam Cafe // 1110-4651 Garden City Rd.

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8. Matcha Lava Cake at Choco Coo Cafe // C-501 North Rd.

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9. Matcha Espresso at Fondway Cafe // 4462 Beresford St.

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10. Matcha Sugar Bun at Giovane Café // 1038 Canada Place

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11. Matcha Waffle at Cafe Joie // #110-6125 Sussex Ave.

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12. Matcha Naidong Roll at 3 Quarters Full // #1P5-1789 Comox St.

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13. Matcha Affogato at Aperture Coffee // 243 W Broadway

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14. Matchacha Bingsoo at Passion 8 // 3010 Cambie St

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15. ChocoMatcha Berry at YEW // 791 W Georgia St

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16. Matcha Cream Puff at Beta5 Chocolates // 413 Industrial Ave.

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17. Super Matcha Bubble Waffle at The Bubble Tea Shop // #105-4651 No 3 Rd. and 1680 Robson St.

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18. Matcha Ice Cream Taiyaki at ON Yogurt // 95 Smithe St.

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19. Green Tea Opera Cake at Miku // #70-200 Granville St.

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20. Matcha Bambou Eclaire at L'Éclair de Génie // 1210 Robson St.

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21. Matcha Slush Bubble Tea at The One // 5908 Kingsway

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22. Green Tea Parfait at Konbinya // 1238 Robson St.

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