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22 Things That All UBC And SFU Students Have In Common

It's like Apple versus Android all over again.
22 Things That All UBC And SFU Students Have In Common

It's the tale as old as time. An age-old rivalry that your parents had when they were your age. The banter, the competition and the jokes thrown one way or the other are endless. It's like being a Capulet and a Montague (points to anyone who gets the reference). It's like fire and ice, apples and oranges, it's being either UBC or SFU. 

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But amidst the bickering and comparisons between the two schools, there are actually a lot of similarities between the two schools. These two neck-to-neck rivals have a lot more in common than each other think. Sure, you don't have to hold hands after this, but here are 22 things that all UBC and SFU students have in common. 

1. You can't mention one school to the other without sparking a debate or a chant. 

There will be casualties, no matter how you go about it.

2. Both schools think their business program is the best. 

A Sauder Snake or a Beedie Baby... who wins?

3. Both the UBC Campus and SFU (Burnaby) Campus are like miniature cities in themselves. 

Don't pretend like you didn't get lost during frosh week.

4. You've all broken a sweat walking from one end of your respective campus to the other. 

Why even dress up for classes, you'll have a sweaty back before second class anyways.

5. Tim Horton's on campus isn't even worth the wait. 

Be it at West Mall Centre or the Timmy's next to Sauder, prepare for a 10 minute line - minimum.

6. You both avoid the club tables at school like the plague. 

Eyes straight ahead, if there's no eye contact, there's no conversation.

7. You've spend hours on the other school's confession page, as well as your own. 

What else do you read during exam season?

8. You've walked past by the crazy buzy White Spot on your campus. 

Triple 'O' Tuesdays? No thanks, maybe not when it's at maximum occupancy.

9. Both schools have better food choices than Cap and BCIT. 

Let's not argue who's higher than who, just know that you've never had a true burrito if you've never eaten at either of these campuses.

10. Residence fees and trying to live on-campus is off-the-charts expensive. 

But can you really put a price on not having to bus around?

11. It takes an entire paycheque (or more) just to pay for a semesters worth of parking. 

Don't do the math, it's a scary, scary number.

12. You'll never find an empty seat at Irving or Maggie Benston. 

And if you miraculously did, congrats, you probably just stole someone elses.

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13. Regardless of school, you're ruined if you forget to load your compass card for the month. 

Tell it to the bus driver, they've heard that story before.

14. Both constantly cram into a full bus for an 8:30 class. 

Be it the number 9 or the 145, be honest. You made the trip and fell asleep anyways.

15. Neither can make the trip to their respective campus without 5 layers on. 

And you'll try to pull three of those layers off before you get off the bus.

16. One mistake or bad class in your timetable and you're commuting 3 hours for a single class. 

Someone remind why this degree thing is so valuable anyways?

17. Then there's the pain of finding out that one class was cancelled. 

Let's just dropout and make a startup at this point.

18. Both schools are in their own little pockets of nowhere. 

UBC is all the way at Point Grey!SFU can't even decide, but of three campuses, one just had to be on a mountain.

19. You both applied to UBC. 

No shame, but this had to be said at one point or another.

20. You underestimate the time it takes to walk to the bus loop. 

Why are these people walking so slow? Why are they all in clumps? And.. you missed it.

21. Both see Cap U as the annoying little sibling that nobody pays attention to. 

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

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22. You have a mini panic attack every time there's course signup. 

That class is full again? That's okay, I'll just postpone my grad by another semester.

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