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22 Things To Do In Vancouver For Every Bored and Broke Student

Besides complaining about how bored and broke you are.
22 Things To Do In Vancouver For Every Bored and Broke Student

We've all been there before, and realistically, a lot of us are still there as well. The tireless phase of being a broke student. Deciding whether you'd rather splurge on that "required textbook" or keep the money and not eat ramen for the next month. Going out for another night of drinking when your bank account is already dangerously low. And between that paper you've been procrastinating on and another Netflix-induced coma, you're come to realize - you're bored AF. 

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So thus arises the ultimate question: With limited money and an unlimited amount of boredom, what is there to do? Well count your lucky stars students, because you live in Vancouver. There's always something to do and somewhere to be. So empty your pockets, couch, and anything else, and peep these list of free, cheap, or student-exclusive things to do! 

1. Hit up 6 Pack Indoor Beach for a drop-in game of volleyball! 

For a drop-in session at $15, you can pretend like you're on island time - even if it's raining. 

2. Get your downward dog on with free yoga lessons at Kits Beach and Riley Park. 

Mat Collective is running free yoga lessons all summer until the end of August! 

3. Turn your old clothes into cash at Front & Company!

You're not even spending money here. Stop being in 2017 while y'all could be in 2037. 

4. Go star gazing at the Gordon McMillan Southam Observatory. 

Entry to the observatory is by donation, AKA whatever is in your back pocket. 

5. Rock a new cut for cheap with Blanche Macdonald! 

Blanche Macdonald offers awesome student pricing, $14.00 for men, $16.50 for women!

6. Enjoy some stress therapy at Catfe!

Caffeine and cats sounds like a purrrfect combination. It's $5 with a purchase at the cafe and $8 without. 

7. Make the trek out to Capilano Canyon, strictly for the Insta. 

Try the little known - but completely free hike -just up the road from the Capilano Suspension Bridge! 

8. Have a cheap night out and enjoy a movie for 1/2 price on Tuesdays! 

While you wait for Netflix to upload new shows, why not catch a new movie for less than $10? 

9. Embrace your inner child at Extreme Air Park. 

Add it to your bucket list and check it off immediately, $15 gets you an hour in the park. 

10. Get your Korean BBQ off for 50% off at Sura! 

Possibly one of the best student deals you'll ever encounter, 50% off everything after 9pm! 

11. Grab some friends and some beers and try your hand at disc golf. 

With four different locations in Vancouver, it's completely free and guarantees a couple of laughs. 

12. Check the schedule for cheap bowling nights at Rev's Bowling. 

Strike and spare after 9pm, it's $5 the first game and $1 every game after! 

13. Get insane mileage out of a North Van Rec student pass! 

$23.50 a month gets you access to the gym, pool, sauna, and drop-in activities! 

14. Get dressy at Top Shop/Top Man with 10% off! 

Use your student discount, you can try to convince yourself it's for a presentation. 

15. Attempt to hunt down your favorite actors and actresses currently filming in BC! 

Anyone down to go fanboy/girl the Riverdale cast while they film season 2?!

16. Make a picnic or mini-golf date at Welcome Parlour Ice Cream!

Not only do they serve mean ice cream, but there's free picnic blankets and mini-golf putters on location! 

17. Capture the spirit of summer with the Stanley Park Outdoor movies! 

Free of charge, all you need is a blanket (though we recommend insect spray)!

18. Make a night out of a Vancouver Laser Light Show!

For $11 ($10 for BCIT students), experience a laser light show from close up. 

19. Experience the Vancouver Art Gallery for dirt cheap!

The Art Gallery on Tuesday is by donation, how many coins do you have leftover? 

20. Grab a group of friends and become pool sharks at Commodore Lanes! 

It's cheap, in the heart of downtown, and is a great way to hang with your friends. 

21. Try out pole-dancing for cheap at Tantra Fitness! 

$15 for a drop in class, and we've all threatened to drop out of school to become strippers before. 

22. Get out of your bubble and try one of these many hikes! 

Everyone has seen the gardens at UBC, and SFU students don't want to Instagram a prison. So take a hike and find a better Insta on the way.

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