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23 Best Vancouver Bars For $2, $3, $4, And $5 Drinks

A guide to getting lit cost efficiently.
23 Best Vancouver Bars For $2, $3, $4, And $5 Drinks

It's not easy living in Vancouver. Between making your rent, affording your bills, and paying off your student loan, you still want to have some kind of social life and get lit on a Friday night with your squad once in a while. 

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We feel your feels and we know that drinking can be expensive, so this is why we've come up with yet another cheap drinks listicle. When you're trying to turn up for under $5 because that's literally all you have in your bank account, here's where to go!

$2 Drinks 🍺🍺

For the broke AF.

$3 Drinks 🍻🍻

For the broke.

$4 Drinks 🍷🍷

For the slightly less broke.

$5 Drinks 🍹🍹

For those who have at least $5! YAY!

Click "Next" for $2 drinks.

$2 Drinks 🍺🍺

via @marchigiano

The Backstage Lounge // 1585 Johnston St

Tuesday & Thursday: $2.75 Backstage Lager

via @ssosroom

West Hotel & Bar // 488 Carrall St

Daily: $1.50 Beers

via @chimo604

Martini's Restaurant // 151 W Broadway

Wednesday: $2.75 Beers on tap

via @c_mille

The Metropole // 320 Abbott St

Tuesday: $2.25 Beers

Pro-tip: Free ping-pong, shuffleboard, fooseball, and pool on Sundays

Click "Next" for $3 drinks.

$3 Drinks 🍻🍻

via @coradonelly

Gringo // 27 Blood Alley Square

Daily: $3.75 16 oz. Local beers

via @movewithali

The Pawn Shop // 1117 Granville St

Daily: $3.95 The Pawn Shop Lager (Daily)
Wednesday: $3.95 Jameson, $3.95 Tequila
Thursday: $3.95 "Liquid Cocaine", $3.95 Tequila

Pro-tip: Go during happy hour 3PM - 6PM for $1 tacos

via @dudaacallado

The Cambie // 300 Cambie St

Daily: $3.50 Caesars (4PM - 6PM)
Monday: $3.25 AGD
Tuesday: $3.50 Cariboo
Thursday: $3.25 Kokanee
Sunday: $3.50 Hi-balls, $3.25 Lucky

via @thastyn

The Marquis // 2666 Granville St

Daily: $3.25 Gin and tonic, $3.25 Rye and Coke
Tuesday: $1/oz. wine

via @marshallheritage

Funky Winker Beans // 37 W Hastings

Daily: $3 Draft beer

via @sam_taherii

Original Joe's // Various Locations

Daily: $3 Well Hi-balls, $3.50 OJ's Draught (3PM - 6PM, 9PM - close)

via @boxingbunnie

Kamei Baru // 990 Smithe St

Daily: $3.99 House wine, Blue Moon Cocktail, Lychee Cocktail (4PM - 6PM, 9PM - close)

via @steven.merk

The Narrow Lounge // 18989 Main St

Wednesday: $3.50 Hi-balls

via @colonykits

The Colony // 2904 Main St and 3255 W Broadway

Monday - Friday: $3 Hi-balls, $3 beer (3PM - 6PM)
Tuesday: $3 Hi-balls, $3 beer, $3 Jameson

Click "Next" for $4 drinks.

$4 Drinks 🍷🍷

via @danielvekony

Coco Rico Cafe // 1290 Robson St

Sunday & Monday: $4.99 Single Caesar Vodka, Rum, Gin Double Vodka, Rum, Gin
Tuesday: $4.99 Stella, Heineken, Corona
Thursday: $4.25 Canadian, Budweiser, Kokanee

via @leannecb91

The Bourbon // 50 W Cordova

Friday: $4 Bud
Saturday: $4.25 Rolling Rock

Pro-tip: Mechanical bull and bocce ball available

via @abbiesarratt

Joey's // Various Locations

Daily: $4 Gin and tonic, $4 Sangria (3PM - 6PM)

via @megan.brittany

Cat's Socialhouse // 1540 Old Bridge Rd

Thursday: $4.25 Well hi-balls

via @kyu.lee.94

Clough Club // 212 Abbott St

Monday - Friday: $4 Hi-balls, Jameson, Fernet Branca (5PM - 7PM)
Tuesday: $4 BIG Gin shots
Thursday: $4 American whiskey shots

via @am.xardy

Cinema Pub // 901 Granville St

Monday - Friday: $4 BC craft beer, Hi-balls (3PM - 6PM)

Click "Next" for $5 drinks.

$5 Drinks 🍹🍹

via @vancitykay

Juniper // 185 Keefer St

Daily: $5 Beer on tap (4:30PM - 6:30PM, all-day Sunday)

via @rach_watt

The Keefer Bar // 135 Keefer St

Daily: $5 Beer, $5 Whiskey
Sunday: $5 Pineapple Express Cocktail
Monday: $5 Keefer St. Cider Cocktail
Wednesday: $5 Rosemary Gimlet Cocktail

via @rachtelling

Back and Forth Bar // 303 Columbia St

Daily: $5 Beer sleeves, $5.65 Well hi-balls

Pro-tip: Ping-pong and board games available

via @kelseypatrickk

131 Water Kitchen & Bar // 131 Water St.

Daily: $5.75 Caesars, $5.50 Beer

Pro-tip: Board games available

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