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22 Bucket List Nightclubs Every Vancouverite Needs To Go To

It's going down downtown.
22 Bucket List Nightclubs Every Vancouverite Needs To Go To

There are certain perks that come with living in Vancouver, of which one is certainly the impressive nightlife. Of course, there's plenty of unique and obscure places one might stumble upon on their night out, but there's also a few iconic clubs that really reveal the essence of the Van City party culture. These clubs embody not only Vancouverites' sense of style and taste, but also serve as the cornerstones of downtown's magnetism.

This being the case, everyone in Vancouver will have likely heard of these spots, but if you have yet to go, make sure to add them to your list of things-to-do because these are the clubs that simply are Vancouver:

1. Fortune Sound Club // 147 E Pender St

Happy Ending Fridays is a popular way to kickoff the weekend. If you're into hip hop, this is the destination, with a sick sound system and chill vibes, you'll definitely feel the beat coursing through your body.

2. Celebrities Nightclub // 1022 Davie St

Famous for Celeb Tuesdays, this once-was gay club is now a party beacon for everyone. They get a steady flow of renowned performers and is often the after-party destination for a lot of the concerts in the city.

3. L.E.D. Bar at Caprice Nightclub // 967 Granville St

RE-UP (aka RUTS) has been blowing up recently. Every Wednesday night it pops off for some seriously cheap drinks compared to the usual nightclub prices. The dance floor fills up so scope out your zone and bust some moves.

Photo cred - @jasonnewera

4. Venue Nightclub // 881 Granville St

The name is fitting because there are quite a few events held at this venue. Another popular name in the Vancouver nightlife scene and a great place to experience a variety of musical genres and live bands.

5. The Roxy Cabaret // 932 Granville St

It doesn't matter what night of the week you head to the Roxy, there's always a laid-back atmosphere with either live music or a DJ spinning. Also, a great place to throw your own party.

6. Fivesixty Nightclub // 560 Seymour St

Only open 3 nights (Wed, Fri, and Sat), Fivesixty is host to an influx of international DJs. This is an EDM dance haven for sure with an outstanding lighting display and musical fervor that deviates from what you typically hear at most nightclubs.

7. Gorg-O-Mish Dance Club // 695 Smithe St

This is an after-hours club, so if you find yourself still needing to dance after all of the other clubs close their doors, Gorg-O-Mish will just be opening theirs. You can party until the sun comes up and will almost certainly be in for a rowdy night.

Those were some of the big names, but Vancouver is not even close to being done. The list continues with some of the lesser-known, no-less meritorious party spots. These clubs keep it just as real, so for those trying to take in all that Vancouver nightlife has to offer, these joints are also a must:

8. Bar None Nightclub // 1222 Hamilton St

A popular destination in Yaletown on Fridays and Saturdays. A lavish bar in this converted warehouse provides the perfect space to let loose to some solid DJ music.

9. Alexander Gastown // 91 Powell St

Dominated by the Hyphy crowd on friday nights, this is the spot for some really good hip hop and an amazing venue for live shows throughout the week. Owned by the genius behind Slow Jam Sundays, at just over a year old this place is a staple in Vancouver nightlife.

Photo cred - @areyoumia

10. M.I.A. Nightclub // 350 Water St

If you haven't been to M.I.A. then you need to change all your weekend plans immediately. This spot lives where the infamous Shine Nightclub was for years. They did a ton of renovations and the place looks completely different. They also just celebrated their one year anniversary, Congrats!

11. The Bourbon // 50 W Cordova St

For a change of pace, this is a country saloon, where you're sure to find cowboy-booted studs and a stiff drink served at the bar. There's also a mechanical bull if you're looking to get bucked about.

12. Joseph Richard Nightclub // 1082 Granville St

Weekly events Thursday through Saturday. Another nice place that makes the list of clubs you just have to check out.

13. Red Room Ultra Bar // 398 Richards St

A sweet place to go for some good music with a fantastic sound system. And with a large open space, there's no doubt you'll have room to get jiggy with it.

14. The Biltmore Cabaret // 2755 Prince Edward St

Not exactly downtown per say, but a trendy venue all the same. Great ambiance to see live bands.

Photo cred - @djmarvel

15. Republic Bar // 958 Granville St

Two floors of retro appeal and the usual hip hop beats to sip and swerve to.

16. Twelve West // 1219 Granville St

A slightly older crowd, but if you're feeling mature, this is a fancy nightclub with professional service and a chandelier overhead while you sip on your bubbly.

17. Aura Nightclub // 1180 Granville St

Fluorescent lighting, dancers, and tasty drinks stack up to a super neat party locale for those who really want to shake it.

18. Numbers Cabaret // 1024 Davie St

This is a gay-friendly spot with pool tables and an outdoor area. Open every night of the week and loads of fun regardless of your orientation.

19. The Penthouse // 1019 Seymour St

With a red carpet entrance and private dance rooms, this is more of a strip club, but still a relatively classy affair with friendly staff.

Photo cred - @theodysseybar

20. The Odyssey Bar & Nightclub // 686 W Hastings St

With a new location and sexually energized charisma, the Odyssey is a fun place to unleash your wild side. A LGBTQ pillar in the downtown circuit, and an absolute must-go to complete the bucket list.

21. Cabana Lounge // 1159 Granville St

This site is fresh, with an outdoorsy beach feel inside. The tree centerpiece is a total belle that really livens the already vigorous habitat, making this lounge a mini-vacation, helping you to forget your troubles with a captivating surrounding and delicious drink specials.

22. Playhouse Nightclub // 1240 Thurlow St

Somewhat undiscovered, this is a cool club with Vegas-style decor and lots of seating, inside and out, to enjoy your drinks and chat with friends.

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