So you didn't go to UVIC and now it's four years later and you want to know what all the hype is about. Well, take it from me, the University lost its charm when all the bunnies got sent to "Texas" but Victoria itself is a gem that many Vancouverites haven't yet visited.

We can't all go to a tropical island but a short ferry ride away will take you to the next best thing. A place where the things to do span further than just the rose garden at Butchart Gardens that your Dad keeps raving about.

Here's a list of the top 23 places to visit in Victoria before you pack your bags and ultimately move there.

1. The Ocean

Technically the Straight of Georgia isn't "the ocean", so for that authentic #pacificocean hashtag on your next selfie by the water you're going to need to visit the island that's surrounded by it.

2. Arbutus Cove

Somewhere to take your land-locked Calgary gal pals.

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3. Sooke Potholes

Sure, you can be that asshole who says that the potholes aren't "technically" in Victoria but take the 30-minute drive and thank me later. Your semantics won't matter when you're ass deep in a warm natural hot spring this August.

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4. Royal Roads University

X-Men fans can "Marvel" (ugh, I'm sorry) at this architectural work of art that was used in filming Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Children. If X-Men isn't your thing then come check it out anyway, get a degree or something.

5. The Goldstream Trestle

Directions to the trestle are literally "drive until you hit the unmarked parking lot" so to avoid further instruction from a leprechaun or something, grab a local and hike up to the top of the trestle but bring a change of clothes. You'll sweat.

6. Thetis Lake

A nice end to your bike ride along the Galloping Goose (continue reading below).

7. Mystic Beach

This beach has a swing that leads into the ocean. Need I say more?

8. Ogden Point Break Water

It was cooler when the railings weren't up but safety and all. The Ogden Point breakwater is like a seawall in the middle of the ocean leading out to a lighthouse.

Bonus: Dog-friendly!!

9. Dallas Road Dog Park

Speaking of dogs... not only is this dog park filled with canine cuties but take a minute from staring at the adorable wiener dog and chat up his hot AF owner.

10. Fisherman's Wharf

You can feed seals here. You can get a plate of fish scraps and FEED. THE. SEALS. There are a ton of vibrant house boats, an amazing array of food including Barb's Fish and Chips, oh and did I mention YOU CAN FEED THE SEALS! ❤️

11. Beacon Hill Park

Victoria's equivalent to Stanley Park except that it's way, way smaller.

12. Beacon Hill Park Petting Zoo

If you ever wondered what Kevin from Up's cry was based on, mystery solved: peacocks. Roaming across the 200 acres, peacocks inhabit the Victorian park while tucked away goats, pigs, llamas and more exist in the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo!!

Tip: Go in March for the baby goats!! Kids? Kids.

13. Fernwood Square

A neighbourhood that specializes in all things local. Local food, local shops, local artists, and, well, locals.

14. Chinatown

The oldest Chinatown in Canada, y'all! Would have been the oldest in North America but San Fran has us beat.

15. Fan Tan Alley

Hidden within Chinatown, Fan Tan Alley is filled with tiny shops where you can buy anything from soaps to vinyl. You can also take super trendy pictures once the crowd clears.

16. Mount Doug

Mount Doug has a beginner, moderate, and intermediate trail to accommodate all hiking levels.

Bonus: Dog-friendly!!

17. The Pickle Pub Crawl

It's like the Aquabus but it gets you drunk. The pickle pub crawl gives you a list of participating bars and for $20, you and your friends can board a water taxi and bar hop along the harbour!

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18. Gowlland Tod Park

Photos that give your Mom a heart attack, since 1995.

19. Legislative Assembly

Or as some people still call it "The Parliment" building. Sorry, poli-sci majors.

20. The Empress

Where Queeny stays when she visits Victoria. So you probably can't afford it.

21. Fisgard Lighthouse

Because every island needs a lighthouse.

22. Galloping Goose Trail

55 km of biking GOLD. This trail breaks off to many subsections of Victoria, parks, and lakes.

23. The Inner Harbour

Your place to watch fireworks, buy artwork, and spy on Leo DiCaprio's yacht when he was filming The Reverent.

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