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23 Signs You Grew Up In North Delta

If you grew up in Delta, you either made it out of the suburb, or you're stuck living in your parents' basement. If you're a part of the vast majority that didn't leave Delta, you're probably still going to the Delta Lion Pub every weekend and working out at Sungod Recreation Centre during the weekdays — but who's to judge?

Being a product of Delta myself, I can say that the following is curated with love -- mostly. If you grew up in North Delta, here are some things that you may relate to:

1. Gourmet Pita was the spot before Pita Pit came into the mix.

Jones Soda and Donair = Best.

2. 112 St and 84 Ave Plaza was the Holy Grail of food chains.

Lil Ceasers, Subway, Esquire’s, 7-11, Pizza, Sushi and that weird fish n’ chips spot.

3. Burns Bog is the Ultimate Nature Walk.

You've also probably participated in a photoshoot here.

4. You remember the George Mackie Public Library Puppet Show.

What a time to be alive.

5. You know at least one homie who has gone pro.

Shout outs to the ND Skatepark.

6. You also know at least five other homies who claim they went pro.

Catch ‘em at Plaza.

7. Millennium Market was the hook up for buying smokes underage.

You sure you're not a narc, bro?

8. You hung out at Sungod.

Or you learned how to drive in the parking lot.

9. You’ve been to a field party at Annieville or Seaquam.

…and Burnsview. *Shudders*

10. You grew up with that one kid who is still trying to be a musician/artist/rapper.

Do you, boo.

11. You celebrated your 19th birthday at the Delta Lion Pub.

…on a Thursday.

12. You’ve hung out at Scottsdale Mall.

That Chinese Food Joint is literally all its good for.

13. North Delta Devils games and Delta Flyers games at Sungod Rec.

*drunk off two beers*

Photo Cred: Fortune Sound Club

14. Going downtown means going to The Pint / Blarney Stone / Fortune Sound Club with your squad.

…and getting blackout drunk and missing the last skytrain.

15. You’ve been harassed by North Delta Cops.

...and they probably confiscated your marijuana.

16. You've went on a date at Cineplex in Strawberry Hill.

Probably hung out at Chapters afterwards, too.

17. One of the hardest decisions you’d have to make is choosing between Akari Sushi and Minori.

Seriously, tho.

18. One of the best things to happen to Delta was Krispy Kreme Donuts.

Half off a dozen donuts after 10PM…FYI.

19. You either worked at Earls or Cactus Club.

Or both. (You probably still do.)

20. You probably graduated with a Double Dogwood Diploma.

Or didn’t graduate at all.

21. You rocked Dorinha Jeans and Phat Farms.

You definitely had a date to the Boys and Girls club dance.

Photo cred - Screenshot via CBC

22. You’re from Delta — not Surrey.

Make sure you tell everyone this when you meet them.

23. You tell everyone you hate Delta.

Home is where the heart is, or where your parents are.

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