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24 British Columbian Things Brutally Described By Urban Dictionary

What is a "vancougar"?
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24 British Columbian Things Brutally Described By Urban Dictionary

Do you ever wonder what other people think of our beautiful province? Have you ever heard an unfamiliar term and quickly searched it up on Urban Dictionary to figure out what the heck your friends are talking about. Yes, we've all been there. I've taken the liberty of crafting a list of the most British Columbian things best described by the infamously savage online search engine: Urban Dictionary.

If you don't already know, Urban Dictionary is an online source used to find the definitions of common slang terms. Anyone can submit their made-up definitions for any term. I didn't even know that "vancougar" was a term until I wrote this article. Anyway, now that you understand the premise, I shouldn't need to tell you that I absolutely did not make up these definitions and that the definitions listed in this article are by no means the opinions or views of this author or Narcity Canada. 😅 #DisclaimerAlert. 

Urban Dictionary is famous for defining the terms you hear everyday into something incredibly hilarious. So, now that we have that out of the way, are you ready to hear some seriously savage descriptions of some BC terms?

Places 🏔

Definitions of places from Vancouver Island, Vancouver to Kelowna.

People 👩‍💼👨‍💼

Definitions of the most honoured people in BC! 

Things 🏒

Definitions of anything BC related. 

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Places 🏔

Check out some funny AF definitions of our most well known cities, schools and regions defined by the crass users of Urban Dictionary.

British Columbia

"Home of the greatest North American bud."


"That city where if you own a house already, you can sell it and buy two of the same in Toronto, or three in Calgary, or an entire street in Winnipeg."


"University of British Columbia, a western Canadian hippee school, the Berkeley of the North."


"University of Victoria, a post secondary institute located in Victoria B.C. known for it's population of feral rabbits and vocal leftist students."

Vancouver Island

"Gods gift of beautiful scenery on the west coast, home to hippies on the small islands of denman and hornby and weed growers alike plus a large population of hicks on Upper Vancouver Island around the comox valley and surrounding areas."


"The area between Vancouver And Whistler that has a McDonalds and that one guy."


"Also known as K-town to the locals.

Population expands in the summer making this place the best for loud, wild parties. Everyone here is proud to represent being home to Canada's "bc bud"."


"Beautiful small city, although tries too hard to be a mini Vancouver.

Women try to be classy by owning toy poodles, shopping at Suzy Shier, and walking around in Lulu Lemon pants while ending each sentence with "namaste". All the while hitting up the gym twice a week, gossiping about others, leeching off their rich partners/spouses, getting an 'edgy' White girl tattoo(I.e. Infinity symbol), and driving in priuses or dodge chargers(which you can also bet isn't theirs). On top of all this, a majority of them look the same, are super unwelcoming, with questionable motives at best."

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People 👩‍💼👨‍💼

Check out some crude definitions of our most famous hockey players, Vancouver's mayor and just terms for BC citizens. I'll admit, I didn't even know what a "Vancougar" was until I wrote this article.

British Columbian

"The coolest people you will ever meet are from B.C. Laid back-fun-don't take life too seriously - know how to have a good time - and love their 'bc bud' free spirits - if you mess with them they'll fvck you up - but either way they are just genuinely nice and friendly people."


"A former Torontonian/Calgarian/Montrealer."

Wayne Gretzky

"Man whose supreme knowledge and skill in hockey more than compensated for his lack of physical size and strength. "

Can also mean:

"When ordering from Canadian doughnut chain Tim Horton's, a "Wayne Gretzky" is a large coffee with nine creams and nine sugars."

Roberto Luongo

"The most overrated goalie in the national hockey league who folds under the pressure and cries when he cant get the job done."

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"An older woman who frequents clubs in Vancouver in order to get with a much younger man. Usually, they are seen prowling around inner city neighbourhoods such as Kitsilano and Yaletown. They may attack during any season, as they are insatiable, but tend to be more active in the summer, when the beaches are packed with hot young college students."

Gregor Robertson

"A greenwashing businessman turned politician, Gregor Robertson uses buzzwords like 'sustainability' and 'community' to gentrify Vancouver, the city of which he is currently the mayor, and build up his political bona fides for an inevitable run for the NDP leadership. Robertson is known for riding his bike to work, while pandering to real estate developer interests that evict low-income residents in favor of condominium developments."


"A Canadian of limited intelligence.

That Canucklehead lit a cigarette while at the gas pump."

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Things 🏒

If you thought you had heard it all, you haven't. Just regular ol' BC things like our most famous hockey team, phrases all BC residents say and more!

Vancouver Canucks

"A NHL franchise that anually dissapoints their fans with shabby playoff showings and promises of glory next year.. Also the only professional sports team whos greatest accomplishments are almost winning a championship twice.. Canuck fans turn to rioting and looting in the face of defeat as a man can only take his team loosing for around 35 years before he snaps.."

"Out To Lunch"

"Not paying attention/dazed off or

Drunk, intoxicated, plastered, wasted, etc."


"A long street in Vancouver and Burnaby Canada that has many many prostitues and heroine addicts especially on West Hastings. East Hastings is simply a busy street, West hastings is noted for heroine, prostitution, weed, and is one of the few places in Canada that is actually a downright scary place to be."

Vancouver Art Gallery

"Vancouver Art Gallery (V.A.G.) is a pseudonym used for the vagina. It is often used to hide the true nature of a conversation."

Vancouver Special

"A basic and boxy housing style that was prevalent in East Vancouver, Canada, during a housing boom in the 60's and 70's. Cheap and easy to build, houses were 2 level structures with a basement that was easily converted into an illegal rental suite."

Tim Horton's

"A cult religion based on caffeine and baked goods. I swear they put something in that coffee."

"Take a larry"

"Take a larry is a slang term used for turning left in Canada."

Vancouver Bus Lineup

"A potentially friendly or social situation in which everybody stays as far away from each other as possible in order to avoid social contact."

Vancouver Cigarette

"A marajuana joint, affectionately titled "Vancouver Cigarette" because of Vancouver's appearant love of the drug, especially ummong aging hippies. May also be due to the high output of marajuana sales in and around the area."

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