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24 Bucket List Desserts Every Vancouverite Needs To Try

Dieting is overrated
24 Bucket List Desserts Every Vancouverite Needs To Try

I don't believe in dieting. First, why starving yourself ? Second, you're always on the nerves; third, it doesn't work. Life is full of ups and downs so I don't see the point of adding even more pressure by restricting yourself.

Vancouver is full of so many delicious and delightful delicacies screaming at you each time you walking pass a dessert place. Eat clean and healthy, workout and enjoy sweet treats once in a while!

Whether you're a caramel lover or chocolate addict, Vancity has a lot to offer from deep-fired pastries to warm melted cake all displayed under different forms, colours and cuisines! Get ready for a sweet journey around Vancouver's best dessert places!

1. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cake - True Confection // 3701W Broadway

It's your bae's birthday soon? You know where to buy the cake!

2. Berry Trifle -  Sweet Revenge // 4160 Main St

In a gothic and warm atmosphere, this only-dessert place will hard time to decide among their smelting and soft cakes...

3. Chocolate Eclair - Thierry Patisserie Chocolaterie // 1059 Alberni St

The best of French pastries in one place

4. Peanut Butter Sundae - Glenburn Soda Fountain And Confectionery // 4090E Hastings

You cannot possibly be disappointed.

Photo cred - @a.mandapanda

5. French Toast Crepe -  Cafe Crepe // 1032 Robson St

For those who wonder the difference between pancakes and crepes.

6. Apple cinnamon Waffle -  Off the Grid Waffles // 2665 Kingsway

Top it with the ice cream of your choice! Have an amazing waffle meal!

7. Mango Bingsoo - Snowy Village // 8571 Alexandra Rd

This Korean fresh and fruity bowl of mango will satisfy your craving this summer!

8.  Raspberry Riot - Purebread // 159 W Hastings Street

Each bite is an explosion of flavour!

9.  Avocado Mille-Feuilles with Maple Syrup Chantilly - L'Opera Patisserie // 5951 Minoru Boulevard

Creamy, crispy and tasty delight.

Photo cred - @melujuice

10. Cacao Milk -  Melu Juice and Health Bar // 1110 West Pender Street

Sweet house made nut milk is worth-trying!

11. White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse - Sweet Obsession Cakes and Pastries // 2611 West 16th Avenue

The perfect balance between the sour raspberries and the sweet white chocolate.

12. Chocolate Cheesecake with mocha sauce and almonds -  Cheesecake Etc // 2141 Granville Street

Step in to the creamy world of cheesecakes!

13. Maple Walnut Donut - Cartems Donuterie //  534 W Pender Street

Vancouver sweet and dip-fried donuts connoisseur.

14. Macaron - Soirette Macaron and Tea // 1433W Pender St

French-style tea time?

Photo Cred - @ziyun0720

15. Chocolate Fondue - Mink Chocolate // 863W Hastings

Melted chocolate with tons of fruits? Who said desserts were not healthy?

16. Matcha pastries - Basho Cafe  // 2007E Hastings St

With a selection of pastries changing everyday, try new and green treats as many time as you want !

17.  Nutella bun - Pappa Roti //  1505 Robson Street

This Malaysian Dessert place is perfect if you want taste new kind of delicacies !

18. Acai Bowl - The Anchor Eatery // 1520 Marine Dr

Fruit savvy will love the Green Bowl ! Mix of spinach, mango and lemon topped with granola and goji berries, enjoy this bowl of colour !

19. Apricot Salted Caramel Popsicle - Johnny's Pops 

Driving around Vancouver, this popsicle's truck offers great Summer pop made of local fruits.

20. Creme Brule - Le Crocodile Restaurant // 909 Burrard St

Soft Vanilla cluster topped with warm and crispy caramel, the perfection of French cuisine in one dessert!

21. Salted Caramel Puff - Beta 5 // 413 Industrial Ave

For those who have hard time to choose, try them all!

22. Shaved Icy Cups - Icy Bar // 1475 Kingsway

Bubble tea lovers will thrive for those delicious bowls topped with pearls!

23. Tiramisu Parfait - Chicco Japanese Dessert Cafe // 1504 Robson St

This Asian fusion dessert proposes a selection of parfaits completely flabbergasted!

Photo cred - @jennysho

24.  Double baked almond chocolate croissant - Thomas Haas // 2530W Broadway

I bet you to choose in least than 10 minutes.

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