IT'S FINALLY BACK! The long wait is over! North America's biggest and baddest night market, the Richmond Night Market is back in action tonight, Friday, May 12, at 7PM.

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They're returning with all of your favourites like the rotatoe and grilled squid, but there's going to be new vendors this year too.

Parking is free as usual and admission is $3.75 per person. You can also purchase the zoom pass for $25, which allows up to 7 visits. It's transferrable too so you can get it once, and split it among your friends (or keep it to yourself because you know you're going to go more than once).

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If you've never been to the Richmond Night Market, you must live under a rock. So this bucket list is for you. And if you're a loyal patron, well here's a list to-eat list you can check off if you missed any last year!

UPDATE: Scroll to the end of the article for this year's new additions to the night market!

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1. Ombre Bubble Tea // Milk.Cha

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2. Pavlova // Boom Boom Pavlova

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3. Mango Shaved Ice

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4. Raindrop Cake

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5. The Rotatoe // Hurricane Potatoe

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6. Oreo Churro Loop // Ice Cream & Churros

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7. Poké // HANA

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8. Cheesey Blooming Onion

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9. Stinky Tofu

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10. Oreo Taiyaki // The Taiyaki

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11. Teri-mayo Jumbo Fish Stick // Fish Sticks

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12. Stacked Milkshakes // The Australian Visa

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13. Takoyaki

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14. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Karaage // Mogu

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15. Grilled Squid // The Squid Co.

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16. Mac n' Cheese Roti // Mamak La

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17. Ice Cream Bubble Waffle // Egglet Parfait

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18. Dragon's Beard

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19. Pineapple Drink

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20. Deep Fried Cheesecake With Oreo

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21. Jumbo Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

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22. Tteokbokki

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23. Watermelon Drink

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24. Garlic Chicken Skewers // It's All About Grill

Fried Bao Ice Cream Sandwich // Bao Bar Sweets

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