Oops, where did the time go? Surprise Vancouver, it's already the end of July. Did you get everything done on your summer bucket list? Or did you even have one to begin with? Well yes... that's an astounding amount of Netflix. That's actually pretty impressive. But while you wait for the next season of Stranger Things, why not capitalize the rest of summer? 

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We at Narcity are all about seizing the summer and living in the moment (even if that moment is a Netflix binge). And we have just the thing to help you take control of the summer, and make the most out of every little moment. We've got a bucket list of the fun, fabulous and crazy things to do in Vancouver until the end of August! 

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1. Tube down this "River of Golden Dreams" on a sunny afternoon. 

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2. Get naked (or at least make the trip to try) at Wreck Beach!

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3. Get your Indiana Jones on and explore the Upana Caves on Vancouver Island. 

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4. Be amazed (or disappointed) with Vancouver's very own sushi donuts! 

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5. Lose the kids and teens (and the crowds) and hit up adult-only Playland on Friday nights (July only). 

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6. Eat your heart out and attempt at least one of these Vancouver food challenges! 

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7. Camp out on Vancouver Island in style with Free Spirit Spheres.

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8. Hustle past the tourists for one last picture on top of Quarry Rock! 

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9. Discover (or rediscover) Vancouver's hidden gems with this ultimate scavenger hunt.

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10. Soak up the sun (and some alcohol) at one of these beautiful outdoor patios. 

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11. Try one of these amazing ice-cream filled cakes at The Praguery! 

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12.  While you're at it, treat yourself to one of these amazing milkshakes. 

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13. Make like that one American Pie Movie and take part in the Vancouver's Naked Bike Ride on July 22nd!

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14. Start looking forward to this year's Celebration of Light! 

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15. Find one of these crazy sodas (among other food) at the Richmond Night Market! 

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16. Get your game on and hit up this giant games night held at the Jim Deva Plaza on July 27th!

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17. Try not to be too creepy as you "hunt" (stalk) the Riverdale cast while they film in Vancouver! 

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18. Spend at least one night in Whistler before it becomes snow-ridden and freezing again! 

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19. Get your fit on and run, walk, or bike the Stanley Park Seawall. 

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20. Catch a classic flick with a nighttime feel and see a movie in Stanley Park. 

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21. Find your favourite brewery (and get mildly drunk on the way) with this awesome craft brewery tour! 

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22. Gas up, grab some friends and enjoy the view on a truly Canadian road trip! 

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23. Catch a breathtaking Vancouver sunset at one of these perfect viewpoints.

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24. Visit this enchanted treehouse between Revelstoke and Sicamous.