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24 Restaurants In Vancouver You Can Eat At For $5, $10, $15 and $20

I don't know, where do you want to go eat?
24 Restaurants In Vancouver You Can Eat At For $5, $10, $15 and $20

It doesn't matter whether it's with your significant other, your best friend or your squad right after a night of clubbing or day out at the beach, nobody knows where to eat. Maybe four of five friends have decided where to eat - but there's that one friend who's piss broke and can't afford it. Perhaps you all just got your paychecks for the month and wanna ball hard for one night (and pretend you're not gonna be broke the next week).

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So what do you do? Easy, check out this list. We've compiled a handful of restaurants you can hit up at any time of day, for $5, $10, $15 and $20!  Near and far, we've got you covered, and the food is so good you'll definitely want to come back. The price of a meal at each restaurant will be within several dollars of the target price, not including alcohol (I'm lightweight AF, so y'all are on your own for that). 

So guys, how much are you gonna spend tonight? 


Time to get rid of those pesky coins in your car. 


Not too expensive, but not too cheap. Perf middle-ground. 


(Probably a week after receiving your paycheck, before realizing how much your bills are this month) 


It's dress shirts and nice tops tonight, you better insta whatever you eat here. 

Wanna see them all? Hit 'Next' to start with $5 meals!

1. The Warehouse // 989 Granville St, Vancouver

Gotta start with the staples. Everything here is literally $4.95, and they've got a hearty amount of variety. 

2. Bon's Off Broadway // 2451 Nanaimo St, Vancouver

$2.95 for all day breakfast? It's a little grungy, and hella greasy, but the food here will not disappoint. 

3. Hi-Five Grilled Cheese // 22 Cordova St, Vancouver

How many times have you ever went to a fancy, over-the-top sandwich store, but all you wanted was a grilled cheese? Well want no more!

4. Costco // 605 Expo Blvd, Vancouver and various locations. 

"Who wrote this article, Costco is not hipster at all". But don't even pretend that you're not hooked on their fries. A HOT DOG AND BOTTOMLESS DRINK IS $1.95. THEY ARE THE OGs OF CHEAP FOOD. 

5. The Soup Meister // 123 Carrie Cates Ct #103, North Vancouver

Here's to the North Vancouverites. For under $6 you can get a well-sized bowl of soup and a huge bun - and there's always a different menu every day. 

6. Wakwak Burger // 500 Granville St, Vancouver

So you want a burger, but you only eat McDonald's when your hungover. Then you've gotta try Wakwak; $3 gets you a fresh burger on a toasty bun.

Hit 'Next' to upgrade to $10 meals!

7. Blowfish Sushi // 2828 E Hastings St #107, Vancouver

Blowfish is a staple sushi restaurant if near Hastings. Clean, great atmosphere and fast service, they do not disappoint. 

8. Meat And Bread // 370 Cambie St. and 1033 W Pender, Vancouver

All sandwiches hit right around the $10 mark, and how often do you get to see the meat carved right in front of your face?? 

9. Finch's // 353 West Pender St. and 501 East Georgia St, Vancouver

The pear baguette is $11 and has a killer combo of prosciutto and pear. If you've tried it, you probably love it. If you haven't, go get some! 

10. Sharky's Chophouse // 123 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver

Anyone who passes by the Lonsdale Quay, make a point of eating here. $9.95 for a huge platter with your choice of meat, and two sides! 

11. Caliburger // 830 Thurlow St, Vancouver 

A Vancouver-replica of the famous In'N'Out Burger, they're often hit or miss with their almost identical menu. You'll never know unless you try though, right? 

12. X-Site Grill and Bistro // 4625 Hastings St and 2270 E Hastings St, Vancouver

Similar to the Warehouse, be ready to enjoy any dish on their menu for $9.95 or less!

13. Pho Goodness // 1183 Davie Street, Vancouver

The beauty of Pho? Most dishes hit around the $8.50-9.50 mark. It's pho-king delicious. 

14. Lucy's Eastside Diner // 2708 Main Street, Vancouver

Most of their items won't ring past $12, but their highlight is their Day & Night breakfast for $8.95! 

15. Aka Tombo //  751 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

Another treat for North Vancouverites, they have an unreal sushi special that hits right at $10.

Hit 'Next' for $15 dishes!

16. Dinesty // 1719 Robson Street, Vancouver and various locations

One of the better dumpling restaurants in the city, $15 can get you far here. 

17. Peaceful Restaurant // 602 Seymour St, Vancouver

Honourable mention to their beef rolls, Peaceful Restaurant was featured in "You've Gotta Eat Here" on Canada's Food Network! 

18. Fable Diner // 151 East Broadway, Vancouver

A charming, cozy atmosphere mixed with brunch or dinner around the $15 ballpark makes for a winner. 

19. Heritage Asian Eatery // 1108 W Pender St, Vancouver

Heritage usually hits on the cheaper end, any mix of baos, bowls and sides, will be from $14-17! And they now do weekend brunch!

20. Marutama // 780 Bidwell St, Vancouver

Although you can easily get a ramen bowl for closer to $10, they have an awesome lineup of appetizers that aren't more than $3-4!

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Hit 'Next' to finish with $20 meals!

21. Nuba // Various locations in Vancouver

Healthy, fresh and delicious, they serve some of (if not the) best Lebanese food in the city! 

22. MeeT on Main // 4288 Main St, Vancouver

Surprisingly delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes and right before Gastown, MeeT is a hugely popular choice to go for a meal.

23. Ask For Luigi // 305 Alexander St, Vancouver

Small, cozy and amazing Italian food, come early - there's almost always a lineup at the door. 

24. The District // 13 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

The District is one of those restaurants you can visit over and over again. Not only that, but they have a mean drinks menu to boot.

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