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Going to SFU is a struggle enough already, but there are so many regrets we make along this four year experience. Don't you just hate it when you think everything is going fine, and then you realize you forgot something, and instantly you get that feeling of immediate regret? It freaking sucks.

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We are now halfway through our fall semester, and I’m sure we’ve all felt at least one of these regrets this year already. Here are 24 regrets that SFU students, yes including you, know all too well:

1. Taking a 'GPA Booster' Class.

When your GPA is not looking so hot, so you go ahead and search through forums to look for easy classes. Turns out BPK140, ARCH131, LING100 and HSCI130 were no exactly the best GPA boosters.

2. Not applying to co-op earlier.

When you finally want to get your life together and do coop, but you have to wait two entire semesters before you can finally do co-op. These mandatory workshops will allow you to see how terrible your first resume was. Let's laugh at them together.

3. Not studying harder.

Midterm season is here, and it's going to be the death of us. If there's one thing we learned from last semester, it's that we need to actually study for our exams. But when the time comes to it, we'd honestly rather not...

4. Staying up to watch Netflix.

This is what we live for. We would rather spend hours binge watching the latest episodes of "How to Get Away with Murder" than studying. Nobody wants to read that stupid archaeology textbook anyways.

5. Not going to Fall Kickoff.

So you decided to stay in tonight and not pay the $25 to go to Fall Kickoff. But now that we're at home doing nothing, and everyone is posting on their snap stories, the feeling of regret is real. Even our UBC friends are there.

6. Trying to buy food during the classroom breaks.

You have 10 minutes at max to go to Mackenzie and buy a snack. You're generous if your professor gives you even 10 minutes. When you walk back to class at the 8 minute mark, class has already started even though you had 2 minutes to spare.

7. Not peeing before class.

You're 25 minutes into class, and you realize you need to pee. You contemplate on whether you're able to hold your pee for another 30 minutes, because you usually get a break. So you hold your pee in up until the last five minutes and decide 'screw it' and go pee.

8. Not keeping up friendships.

After every semester, most friendships collapse. If you're not taking a class with this person next semester, the likelihood of you ever seeing or hanging out with this person again is slim. Because of this, it's difficult to establish real relationships with these people, and that's probably why we have no friends.

9. Not going to the gym.

We pay for the gym as part of our tuition, and yet we still refuse to go. Most of us don't even go to our newly renovated gym. This gym has two floors people!

10. Bringing your laptop to class.

We keep saying that taking notes on our laptop is easier, but we always find ourselves going on Facebook or shop online. The temptation is so real when your professor goes off topic and 10 minutes later, we're still not back on track.

11. Sitting in the back of the class.

So you were late for class, and you had to sit in the back. So you're trying to pay attention in class, but then you notice that the person in front of you is watching a movie, or playing a game. Might as well just leave the class, because you're definitely not going to be paying attention.

12. Not doing your homework.

That late night struggle of when you're already in bed, but you realize you have an assignment due tomorrow, and you decide that it's whatever. So you show up to class with nothing done, and the TA picks you to talk about the assignment. Of all the people in this room, why does it have to be me?

13. Not bringing a jacket.

You thought it wasn't going to be cold, eh? Well we live in Canada, and furthermore we go to school on a mountain. It's cold AF.

14. Forgetting your lunch at home.

You're forced to buy food on campus, so you won't starve to death. It's way too tempting when there's food everywhere and you're starving because you haven't eaten in over 6 hours. This becomes part of your daily routine and your money begins to float away.

15. Not joining a club on Clubs Day.

Clubs day is over and all your friends are in clubs. It's okay, we can relate. There's always next semester.

16. Skipping a class to sleep in.

When you spend your morning in Zzz's, rather than getting ready for school. Only to find that there was a surprise quiz that day! Why does something important always happen when we're not in class?

17. Choosing the wrong major.

What am I even doing? So you've chosen the wrong major and you're contemplating which major you really want, but you can't commit and you're stuck in your original major but wanting to switch. So you take classes in both faculties and die a little because you can't keep track of everything.

18. Falling asleep in class.

When you're dozing off in class, but you remember how much tuition is. You sitting in that class costs money. School isn't free anymore, and we have got to take this a little more seriously.

19. Sleeping in during our enrolment time.

OH CRAP! Your alarm didn't wake you up, so you quickly go to your course cart to check out, but you're waitlisted for your classes. The yellow triangle of death.

20. Not studying in between classes.

Because you would much rather hang out with your friends. Only to discover that later that night, you're going to be drowning in homework.

21. Being late for class.

You just missed the bus by moments, and you're going to be late for class. So you sneakily enter your tutorial room, but everyone turns around and stares at you while you take a seat. And if you're late for a lecture, you're forced to either sit in the back or front of the class because everyone else hates sitting there.

22. Not buying a poster from Imaginus Poster.

Please come back. We haven't stopped thinking about you since, and we miss you. I need that poster in my life.

23. Bringing an umbrella to campus.

Leaving the house on a sunny day, but leaving campus in the rain. So you awkwardly wait inside Blusson Hall for the 145 bus to come by.

24. Not getting coffee before class.

We are all sleep deprived students and need our coffee in order to function. Always leave an extra 5-10 minutes in our schedule to get coffee at Starbucks or Renaissance. It's about time that pumpkin spice lattes are back.

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