24 Things You Must Do If You Only Have 24 Hours In Victoria

Somebody call Kiefer Sutherland...
24 Things You Must Do If You Only Have 24 Hours In Victoria

Let's face it, you caught a ferry to the southern edge of Vancouver island to escape finals, paperwork, your ex...and now you just want to relax. Then you realized that to drive over will put you back $70...each way...and walking on is such a hassle...

You want to be proactive. You want that bang for your buck. And from everything you've heard about Victoria's food culture you'll want to check out: 22 Amazing Restaurants You Need To Eat At In Victoria

So, as I sit here with a mouthful of bocata from Chorizo & Co. allow me to provide you with a 24 hour guide to Victoria, BC.

1. Line up at Jam Café.

A Victoria brunch staple that you may have tried in Vancouver. Order the bacon Caesar with your meal but make sure whatever you get is somewhat deep fried.

Recommended time: 8AM - 9AM or you run the risk of waiting in a near 2 hour line up.

Cost: $11-$25

Go to the Beacon Hill Park Petting Zoo.

A petting zoo complete with baby goats, llamas, and pigs oh my!

Recommended time: 10AM or 5PM to see The Baby Goat Stampede. It's when they open the gates and the baby goats run towards you ❤️.

Cost: $3.50

Explore Chinatown.

Get lost in FanTan Alley or stop at Venus Sophia for a cup of organic tea. The shop owners are friendly and the wishing lanterns are cheap.

Recommended time: 11AM-1PM

Cost: $0

Visit the Inner Harbour.

Boats, vendors, and tourists like yourself! If you're lucky you'll even spot Darth Fiddler and come home with some interesting art.

Recommended time: 11AM-3PM

Cost: $0

Shop along Government St.

You are now entering the Gastown of Victoria. An excellent place to purchase that City of Victoria magnet for your Mom's fridge collection.

Recommended time: 12PM - 6PM

Cost: $0 depending on how many magnets you buy...

Cross the Goldstream Trestle.

You'll want to head out a bit early for this one because it takes about an hour to get to the base. Plus you'll need to factor in photo time once you get to the top.

Recommended time: 1PM

Cost: $0

Feed the seals at Fisherman's Wharf.

Head to the Fish & More store at the Pier and order yourself a tasty treat as well as a $5 scrap plate of raw fish to feed the [practically] domesticated seals!!

Recommended time: 1PM-3PM

Cost: $0-25

Have a picnic on the legislative lawn.

Join other couples and friends by bringing a blanket and snacks from home and slather on sunscreen for an afternoon along the legislative lawn. Help pass a bill or two while you're there.

Recommended time: 2PM

Cost: $0

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Visit the mammoth at the Royal BC Museum.

The museum has on different exhibits all year but the mammoth remains the same. You can extend your visit by catching an IMAX in their massive surround sound theatre as well!

Recommended time: 3PM-5PM

Cost: $17 or IMAX combo $26.95

Visit a cemetery.

Victoria was basically built on a graveyard and is home to many cemeteries including the Ross Bay cemetery by Dallas Road Beach. Take a detour and you'll most likely make a deer friend.

Recommended time: 4-6PM (or later for the brave ones out there)

Cost: $0

Have a drink at The Local Kitchen's patio.

Victoria's best outdoor patio along the wharf side. Grab a table (if you can) and set up shop with a pitcher of sangria and a week's worth of gossip for your gal pals.

Recommended time: 6PM

Cost: $12-25

Explore Market Square.

Munch on some waffles, sip on your iced coffee and buy some local jewellery. Market Square is an interesting little nook in the heart of Downtown Victoria where you can discover little shops and cafes along the different levels and hallways.

Recommended time: All day

Cost: $0

Protest something.

There's no better place to express your freedom of speech than at a rally in Victoria. You don't even have to go with a sign or a friend, you'll come out of the rally with 10 new ones. Whaddup ladies from the Women's March!

Recommended time: 1-3PM

Cost: $0

Be a bookworm.

Get lost in one of the many used and new bookstores in Victoria and enter the magical world of a novel of your choosing.

Recommended time: 9AM-6PM seriously I could spend my whole day at Russell Books

Cost: $5-20

Shop locally.

Visit Fernwood Square, home of little local shops including Picot Collective: a curated shop for handcrafted gifts. Poke your head in and meet owner Britt Buntain and leave with a ceramic mug, a Turkish towel, or one of Britt's uniquely designed and handmade woven wall pieces!

Recommended time: 1PM-3PM

Cost: $16-100+

Walk the breakwater.

The breakwater is located along Dallas road and is best crossed on a windy day to sea-salt up your mane. Walk along the upper ridge or head below along the giant rock formations for the road-less-travelled.

Recommended time: Sunset

Cost: $0

Pretend you're in at a Full Moon Party at Rooftop Patio.

Get day drunk off buckets of booze and then play a few rounds of volleyball on the sandy rooftop courts and stay until the sun goes down. If you get sick of the place you can head down to one of the 3 bars attached to Rooftop.

Recommended time: 3PM-Midnight

Cost: Volleyball courts $90 1hr 45 and $45 for each additional hour on the court.

Go watch amateur night at The Northern Quarter.

Bands!Comedy! Quiz nights! The Northern Quarter does it all. They even have done a spelling bee during brunch. So brush up on your A ?Cs....

Recommended time: After 6PM

Cost: Some events by donation some $5+

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Dance your a$$ off at Irish Times.

Live music and killer vibes. Make sure you wear your dance pants. Liquid courage available for purchase.

Recommended time: After 6PM

Cost: $12-25 for drinks and food. Shows are free!

Play a round of pool at Peacocks.

Table tennis and darts available for the non-pool sharks...

Recommended time: 8PM

Cost: $12-16

Walk down Trounce Alley.

The best places in Victoria are hidden along alleys and side streets. Trounce Alley is no exception. A great place to take a stroll with bae and to stop by The Tapa Bar for wine and some shareables.

Recommended time: Dinner time.

Cost: $0 (unless you grab a bite)

Go on the ultimate shaft crawl.

A YYJ special that you'll probably get addicted to and will make you want to move here. Complete with espresso, Kahlua, vodka and cream, the idea of the shaft is to shoot it with friends and keep ordering them until you get cut off. Get your shaft fix.....? at almost any bar in town.

***Tip: Most bars don't advertise shafts on the menu but ask your server. ***

Recommended time: After 9PM

Cost: $6-9

Head to Lucky Bar.

THE place to make new BFFs in the bathroom. Lucky Bar hosts events from shows to hip-hop karaoke and 90s night. Bonus: You'll likely bump into my friend Bre and she's a real riot. #sypf

Recommended time: After 10PM

Cost: Unless there's a show cover is $5!!

Grab late night slice from The Joint.

Let's face it. Drunk people just order take out better and The Joint slays the late night pizza game. Locally owned for 15 years and have been dealing with drunk UVIC students the entire time, these guys are primed and ready to serve.

Recommended time: After midnight.

Cost: Under $3/slice

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