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25 Little Things That Piss Off Every Vancouverite

Translink. Period.

I love, love, love, love Vancouver and I'm honestly not one to get pissed off easily. I'd like to think of myself as pretty chill and easy going, you know, the typical lax Vancouverite.

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But I guess we aren't all as chill as we'd like to think we are because there are just some things in Vancouver that, low key annoy the hell out of me. Whether my frustrations are valid or not, little things add up! And I'm sure some of you agree. If you disagree, please feel free to debate.

1. Translink. Period.

Any student, any working man, any working woman, or anyone who doesn't have a car understand the struggle of using Translink BC. Just everything about it, from the poor maintenance to the short hours of operation. Just ugh.

2. The people who drive in this city.

I honestly don't know what it is, but does nobody know how to drive in Vancouver? You have blinker lights and side view mirrors for a reason.

3. The fact that The Foundation is closing down.

Foundies, you will be forever in our hearts.

4. And going to The Foundation one last time for their Nachos before closing down only to find out they ran out of guac.

This is literally the last time.

5. Bike lanes.

Nobody bikes. What's the point?

6. Not enough bike lanes.

But people do bike! Lol.

7. Watching Lambos and Ferraris drive by with an N on the back of them.

Sometimes even L's.

8. Always having to a keep an umbrella in your car or in your bag.

Because you just never know in Vancouver.

9. Always forgetting your umbrella at the utmost time that you need it.

Why does this always happen?????? ?

10. Road maintenance when it snows.

Regardless of what the weather forecast says, city road maintenance still decides that they're not going to salt the roads until two days after a snow storm.

11. Actually, just the city in general when it snows.

It's true. We're not Canadian.

12. Paying out the nose for parking in downtown.

Sure, I'm okay with spending $20 on a minute of parking.

13. Or circling the same block a million times for 2hr free parking in downtown, only to have it snatched by someone else.

Two words. Cut ? throat ?.

14. Specifically going to Timmy's to get the new churro donut, but they're out.

How can you be out? You just got them.

15. Switching check out lanes at Superstore because you think the other line is going faster, only to have the line you were just in actually move faster.

Ugh, should've just done self checkout.

16. Buying make up from Shoppers or London Drugs, only to find that it's at least $2 cheaper at Walmart.

The deception.

17. Filling up full tank when the gas is at 127.9 and thinking it's cheap, only to find it at 126.9 at the Husky down the street.

Saving 50 cents is still 50 cents!

18. Hiking up to Quarry Rock hoping for a serene and scenic top of the world moment, only to find 30 other tourists hoping to do the same.

At least you got someone to take nice pictures for you.

19. Gastown photoshoots.

Actually, it's not that annoying. It's kind of comical. ?

20. Going out on a Friday night in Yaletown in heels.

Those cobblestone roads. Not. Stiletto. Friendly.

21. Going to a coffee shop to work and not being able to find a single outlet available to plug in your laptop.

The struggle is so real.

22. Or finding that the wifi is extraordinarily weak...

God forbid you find no wifi at all.

23. Or overhearing coffee snobs complain about how weak or diluted their coffee is, and how [insert any hipster coffee shop] is waaayyyy better.

While I'm over here like..."Uhhh, can I get a drip coffee please". I'm just here for the wifi.

24. Hearing Science World being called Telus World of Science.

Just. no.

25. Reading articles like this that give you more reasons to be pissed off about Vancouver you didn't realize you were pissed off about before.

And now we're all hype on our frustrations.

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