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26 Thoughts Every UBC Student Has Had At Least Once

Ahhhh University of British Columbia, home of the Thunderbirds. Home of the Blue Chip cookie, and waffles fries. My time spent at UBC was definitely one of the best times of my life.

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But there were definitely some struggles along with that golden UBC life, and I know you feel me. Here are 25 thoughts that every UBC student has had at least once...probably more than once.

1. "How the hell am I going to get from Buchanan to CIRS in 10 minutes?!"

Seriously, why is UBC so big?!

2. "I really want a Blue Chip cookie right now."

I really love Blue Chip.

3. "I'm gonna nap at the aquatic center."

I have an hour break, why not?

4. "I could study at Koerner...but it's kinda far."

That extra 2 minute walk though...

5. "How do you even spell 'Koerner'?"

C-O-R-N-O-R? K-O-R-N-O-R? K-O-E-R-N-O-R?

6. "Our tuition went to a freakin' fountain and cow manure..."

UBC legit always stinks.

7. "But that fountain is pretty insta-worthy."


8. "Oh, and so is the rose garden!"


9. "Maybe I should've gone to BCIT."

I graduated with an Arts degree. Now what?

10. *In the middle of class* "WAFFLE FRIES!!"

Because waffle fries are life.

11. "Wtf is Peko Peko? Where's Honour Roll?"

Low-key kinda miss the old SUB.

12. "I could take the 44 into downtown, but it doesn't come for another 20 minutes. I could also take the 4 or the 14, but on the other hand, it takes 20 minutes longer than the 44. Or maybe I could get on the 99 and sky train from the..."

Trying to calculate the fastest route home from UBC be like...

13. "I forgot my umbrella."


14. "Is this Buchanan A or B?"

Or C or D?

15. "I'm already 10 minutes late. Should I just skip?"

How many classes can I miss until I get kicked out of class?

16. "What am I gonna do with my degree?"

Fourth-year problems.

17. "To Pit Night or not to Pit Night?"

I have a final tomorrow...but fuggit.

18. "Chapman's Learning Center kinda makes me feel like I'm in Harry Potter."

And so does the Ridington Room.

19. "Okay Sauder, we see you."

But I kinda can't get that chant out of my head. Sauder is hot to go, H-O-T-T-O-G-O..

20. "I wonder if my prof has a chili pepper?"

Thank God for Rate My Prof.

21. "Can I please just get a seat at Irving? JUST ONCE?"

The finals season struggle is just too real.

22. "When does IKB start being open 24 hours?"

I brought a sleeping bag, a pillow case and a tooth brush!


Literally the death of me.

24. "Ugh, I forgot to update my compass card."

But they'll probably still give me a ride to school right? I swear I'm a student!

25. "UBC is defs better than SFU"


26. "I have to take a picture down Main Mall before I graduate."

Because YOU DID IT!

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